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A Swing and A Miss

I swear, every time I go to write a new post the website has changed the layout that I see while I am typing what you’re now reading…

Anywho, Hey peeps!

So this is a bit of a continuation from the last post. If you recall, the second to last guy that I mentioned didn’t really have an end to the story. He was just there and I had hopes for something. So let’s talk about that.

Despite how proud of myself I was at the time I wrote the last post about finally trying to be myself and not focused on guys, it didn’t last. That one guy (pretty sure I called him Mr. Attractive at some point in his paragraph) started coming to the Honors Lounge more and more often. Being that the lounge is the only place I hang out with friends on campus, this meant I started seeing him around more. Now I tried to just ignore him. Forget about it all. I wanted to lose feelings for any guy and just coast through the rest of the semester on my own. But being around him more made me want to talk to him and I even found out that he did know my name after all this time. We became very slight acquaintances which was nice and I found out he was going on the summer trip this year that the honors program planned. As soon as I found that out I made a plan. I knew my mom would want me to take the railroad back home and I knew that he takes it every time he goes into the city since he lives far east. So I decided that on the day we got back from the trip that I would ask him on a date right after my train gets called (or his if it came first).

So the day of the trip comes and it is a camping trip. Overall the trip was fun and I got to spend a lot of time with my friends, which was nice but not the point of this. He was in the only cabin with guys and since my friend Dan was there too, I spent most of my time in that cabin or with them when we were actually outside (in and out of the rain). Everything was going well and I got to know this guy a little more than I had before. But of course, the trip had to end at some point.

When we get back to school I turn down my friend’s request to let her parents drive me home (considering we live about 5 minutes away from each other) and I told her I wanted to go through with my plan. She was the only one who knew what I meant if anyone else happened to hear me. We had shared a room in our cabin and spent some time both nights after we got back from the guys cabin just talking about boys (because what else do girls talk about during sleepovers? She had read my previous post so she knew everything at that point).

The guy goes into school, probably to use the bathroom, so I start walking to the subway after I say bye to my friend. I took my time and got stopped at a light and he walked up to the corner too. As we crossed the street I started talking to him and we kept some small talk going all the way to the railroad. I got my ticket and saw my train was coming in a few minutes. When it was called he said bye and I decided to not chicken out.

I said to him “Hey this is gonna sound weird but I was wondering if you wanna go out on a date sometime?” I was surprisingly not shaking in my shoes for once, however my mouth was extremely dry from being nervous. He paused, as he usually does when answering a question, and said “A date? Well we could hang out but I have a girlfriend.” and that is when panic mode set in. I apologized for asking and he brushed the ordeal off saying it was cool. I said bye and scurried over to the track I had to go to. The whole train ride home I was texting my friend about what just happened.

This was yesterday. Right now I just feel like an ass. I wish I could be proud of myself for taking a risk and doing something ballsy for once, but really I just feel gross. No doubt he told his girl that some other chick tried to ask him on a date and I am probably being made a fool of in her group chat with her friends or something. I hope that this doesn’t cause tension or anything between the two of them cause that is the last thing I would ever want to happen with anyone that I know. I have no intent on adding him on any social media platform and I doubt I’ll see him around school until the fall semester starts (at the end of August) so I figure by then this will be old news and we can sit in the lounge at the same time without any uncomfortable or awkward tension. I know maybe a couple of you hopeful romantics are thinking “Aw Michelle, don’t give up! You never know what can happen between the two of them!” and to those of you I have to say please don’t say that. Even if something happens between them there is very little guarantee that he’ll decide to take me up on my offer. So now I will work on trying to not feel like an ass for much longer, and then on getting rid of any lingering feelings. No need to torture myself.

This just really sucks because, as any of you who read the previous post can see, anytime I get a crush on a guy he has/gets a girlfriend. So uhh guys if you’re tired of being single, just try your best to have me develop feelings for you and you’ll find some other chick who you’ll be in a happy relationship with shortly after.

My manager today asked me about camping and the guy cause I had previously told her about the trip and that he was going and when I told her the story she felt bad but congratulated me on trying. She also said that the right guy will come when I am not looking for anyone. Not sure when that’ll be cause I always seem to have my eye out. But I guess I am glad that I have closure on the whole thing and I won’t think about what could happen between me and him, since nothing will.

Well, as always, I am happy you decided to listen to my meaningless problems. Maybe one day I’ll have a super positive blog post but for now I will bid you adieu.

Your friend,
Who wants to kick herself in the butt


The Return

Hello lovelies,

It’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Since my last post (which I briefly skimmed to try to refresh me on where my mind was at last time I wrote) I have done so much and yet it feels like so little. I actually forgot about my blog (I took the link off of my Twitter and Facebooks when I did my several social media purges last year) and I also for some reason stopped receiving emails whenever a blog I followed posted an update. So time went by and I saw no reason to blog. You know what that means right? No? Yes? Maybe? Yeah you in the back, speak up! Eh, it means it’s time for another super long post!

This post is going to be all over the place. This post is gonna be filled with grammatical errors and types like usual. This post is (possibly) gonna go deeper into my head than I have before. Now before we jump right in I’ll give a warning, I have no idea if/when I’ll post again so, as usual, don’t expect this to be a normal occurrence. Just know I love all of you for taking the time to read my words; for the <10 of you that aren’t my friends IRL and are reading this, I don’t know what made you click subscribe but I appreciate it. And to those of you who are friends with me in person or somewhere, you may know some of this but time to learn more about me.

Since I’ve Been Gone

Well since my last post I eventually started up my second semester of sophomore year in college. I remember barely training for my (first) half-marathon and finishing that in 2:18:43. I’m hoping to do another one soon. I remember learning (slightly) more about politics and (especially after the situation from my last post) coming to the realization that I am a conservative. I know this may upset people, so I will shut up after the next sentence about politics. I am proud of who I am and I am open minded to others opinion, not that it’ll change mine without hard facts, but at the same time I know my place and I realize I have a lot to learn to defend my own stances and therefore I stay quiet whenever things come up that I know I cannot argue.

I made it through this second semester with four As and a B+ (which annoyed me greatly because all we did in that class was watch movies and I wrote word for word what my professor wanted in the papers but she even told my friend who had her in the next semester that she doesn’t like giving out As; I’ve pushed that class aside). I didn’t take any amazing classes that semester but I did enjoy myself. I took the second half of a class that trains students to be writing tutors at my school’s writing center. I enjoyed it somewhat but at the same time I never felt 100% comfortable while tutoring so when I was offered a paid position I kindly refused. I also took a class which was about the sociology of the family and it was interesting, despite the full 99 pages of notes I copied in that class. My honors class was a good one with a professor who specializes in corrections and rehabilitation/re-entry programs. That woman is one of the kindest ladies I ever met and she truly cares for every student that walks through her classroom doors. She is a pure sweetheart and after the troubles I had the semester before, she was a breath of fresh air. And I also took the first of two Spanish classes that I needed to take. I had an easy professor and in both of my classes I some how got an A (I took him again in the next semester), but I didn’t really learn much Spanish.

I had fun with friends throughout the spring and summer, if only briefly, and I met plenty of new people. I started training for cross country during the summer but I had such a weak mental game which crossed over into the first month or so of my season. I felt like I was running more as an obligation for my team rather than out of joy. I had a pretty weak season but eventually this mentality went away and I was able to get back into the groove.

During the summer I went on the honors program trip to Pennsylvania (oh my god I spelt that right on the first try). We went white-water rafting (where I had to save my friend Dan after he fell off the raft, despite him being a good 50 pounds heavier than me), we visited the Eastern State Penitentiary (ok so I can spell Pennsylvania right the first time but I can’t spell a word I hear all the time in school correctly? Damn you!), we visited some sciencey museum, we walked around Philly (my friends and I joke that we joined a cult because we stopped and listened to this pseudo-religious group’s live concert in a park at night), and we went to Hershey Park (but it rained that day so most of the rides weren’t working). It wasn’t as adventurous as DC but it was still a great time with my friends.

I also took a summer course (something about research methods) for three weeks because I had no interest in having a heavy work load during the fall semester with cross country season. It went fine and I am glad I didn’t take that class for 15 weeks because that would have been miserable. I also took an online winter course (literature) which I am glad I took in the winter because I would have no been able to balance all the reading and work for that class along with 3-4 other courses at the same time for 15 weeks.

Jumping backwards, during July at work (did I tell you I left the library and now work as an usher in a theater? Yes no maybe? Well now you know) we had Lincoln Center Festival which is three weeks of intense work. Shows non-stop day after day after day. It was pretty cool and I got a pretty pay check at the end of it all. I ended up working on my birthday because I 1. don’t care about my birthday and 2. wanted to take off the week after because my favorite band was coming to NYC. Somehow I made it through that crazy non-stop work. I did go to the Viking’s exhibit at the Discovery Museum on my birthday with my family before work but nothing else exciting happened.

And now I get to see my favorite band, Starkill, live for the first time ever. I was following this band for years, since 2011 before they were signed and back when they were called Massakren. Whenever they came to NYC I either was working, was too young for the venue they were at, or I had my drum lessons. The band had recently started doing live streams on Facebook and, as usual, I was very interactive with commenting and such. When my friend Dan and I get to the show (his first concert if you don’t count Warped Tour which his now-ex miserably dragged him to the year before) it was awesome. The energy was high and all of the bands slayed (of course I will be biased and say Starkill had the most energy). After the show we went down to the merch area and Starkill does all their own stuff cause they are broke and can’t afford roadies. Dan and I talk to the rhythm guitarist for a while and he is a really down to Earth dude who just loves what he does (the whole band is actually). I wanted to buy a shirt but sadly they had no girlie tees. I then talked to the lead guitarist/vocalist and I told him how awesome the show was and that I’d been wanting to see them for ages. He then goes “Does your name happen to be Michelle?” and I say yes so he tells me he has to give me a hug (which he did) because he knew that I had been wanting to see them for years. That is probably my favorite concert moment ever because these guys care so much about their craft and their fans that they happened to recognize their fans at shows. They are the best and I will support them forever.

Anywho, back to school we go. Cross country season is going decently and I am only taking four classes because I realized I usually do worse during the fall semester (and one of them is online so once the season ended I had a wide open schedule).

Through the honors program I was given the chance to have free private piano lessons with Caroline Stoessinger, a world renowned pianist, author, professor, and who knows what else except that this woman is amazing and so patient when it come to teaching me. I am so grateful for these lessons and I am learning more and more about music every time.

My classes trudge on by (I was also taking MUS 120, which is a piano class, with one of my favorite professors) and expect for my music class I really don’t care about any of them. My online class was cool, The Sociology of Violence, but my honors class and my Spanish class were drags. I made it out of the semester all right (with a lot of stress at the end though when everything got piled up) and had my best semester yet (3 As and and A-, also if you are wondering, I got As in my winter and summer classes).

Towards the end of the semester there were some shifts in work in regards to who is working where and my manager asked me to be her administrative assistant so ya girl has an extra experience position now on her resume. Other than that, not too much happened. I went to another concert with Dan to see Huntress, Sabaton, and Trivium (he left with his buddy after Sabaton and I stayed for Trivium. So glad I did because I hadn’t listened to them before and now I am a fan, they were AMAZING! And the crowd was insane, I almost had someone break my glasses by smashing into me). I also went to a Children of Bodom concert during finals with one of my teammates because it was an early Christmas present from my mom. It was alright but I had seen them twice before and we were both stressed and tired from final so we left early (there was also a way too strong odor of weed floating around the venue which bothered us both).

Holidays passed, I enjoyed time with friends, suffered through time with family. Oh, an update on them, my brother is joining the Marine Corps. He reports to boot camp in May.

I went on a one day ski trip with the Honors Program during January. It was fun, my friends and I had a blast. Other than that January was uneventful with work and my lit class (actually, that’s a lie. I started working out doing strength training so I can hopefully be fast in my final cross country season and there was another thing that came up that I think I’ll save for a separate post–yes you’ll actually be getting more of me soon enough).

Now the current semester (the second part of my junior year) begins and OH. MY. GOD. am I stressed every day. I am back to taking five classes, three of which are 300-level sociology courses to just about finish my major. All of them have professors who claimed they wanna treat us like graduate students (which is just torture). I am also talking an online history class that has work due twice a week and my textbook never arrived for that class so every week I am in the library scanning the next chapter I need to read. My only oasis is my songwriting course. In one sociology class I have to write a 20 page grant proposal for my final and I only just recently thought of a potential idea (well, ideas. I am gonna be using this professor as my capstone mentor for my honors senior thesis and so I am gonna base THAT on whatever I make my grant proposal, less work for me. My three ides are 1. The troubles veterans face re-integrating in civilian life, 2. Substance abuse in veterans, or 3. The affects on marriage from the military) so I am still panicking about that. My second sociology course wants us to write a 15-20 page research paper on anything to do with social order (again, gonna do something with military but I can’t think of anything and i hate that course because I can’t think or understand abstract/philosophical thoughts). And in my last sociology course my professor doesn’t teach us. At all. She either reads from a page she already gave us, has a guest speaker, or has us present on the readings we were supposed to read. It is so boring and that makes me sad because the topic is penology (basically, the study of prisons from a sociological stand point) and it could be so interesting but she makes it so meh. It is an easy A though, so that is good. Some how I will survive until May. Because after this semester I just need to take one more class for my major, two more for my minor, one more honors class and I am done with my requirements! I do have to take two extra classes in fall just so I can be a full time student while I am a student-athlete. I wanted to pick up a writing minor but the requirements changed before I added it and now I can’t do it because the courses I need are barely available. I will take a creative writing course though just for fun.

I am also heavily stressing about post-bachelors Michelle. I just recently started to consider social work (focusing on veterans and military families) but I’m not sure because I have been so adamant about not wanting to go to grad-school and I need a MSW for that (plus it is low pay for high stress). I realized that federal law enforcement would not be something that I am passionate about enough to go to work every day. I am at such a loss of what I will do when I graduate that I am both excited and dreading May 2018 when I walk across the stage in my cap and gown.

Winding down, I got to see Starkill again in February (Dan got the day of the show mixed up so I actually went to my first solo concert) and again the guitarist recognized me; he even added me as a friend on Facebook after the show! I got a hoodie because again they did not have girlie tees (I scolded the guitarist for that). I’ve been able to work a lot (mo’ money mo’ happy) and enjoy time with my friends.

I’m planning on having another post sometime this week about a topic I’ve purposely avoided for a while since I had my blog linked to my other social media (all of which will be explained there) but now that nobody can trace this (easily) back to me, I see no reason to hold back.

Now you’ve been caught up, basically, with my life since my last post. Any more updates? Hmm, I have become obsessed with hot chocolate (no joke)…… I really can’t think of anything that I haven’t touched on already or will touch on soon. So for now, I will bid you all farewell. Thank you for waiting patiently at your computers for me to emerge from the darkness, I know my silence has been killing you. I hope my stay isn’t short but no promises. Until next time

Your friend,
Who hasn’t forgotten about you

My Adventure To The Capital

Hello hello again!

Well since I mentioned it in the post the other day I decided, why not tell you folks about my trip to DC?

Key things to know before we enter this journey:

  • The possibility of this trip was the main reason I signed up for the Honors Program. We have trips every summer and winter session to different places but every 3-4 years they venture to D.C. and the FBI training headquarters at Quantico.
  • I will give as detailed of a story as I can, whether the details matter or not. Keep in mind this trip happened over a month ago though so little things and conversations might have slipped away.
  • This is the longest it’s taken me to write a blog post (over several days) cause I am lazy and this is a lengthy story. In fact, it took so long that the draft page automatically went back to the classic version of the website, which I prefer much more.
  • If you haven’t heard me tell this story yet then I expect you to read and absorb every last letter of these 9600+ words. If I told you the story already, you can skip this post because you already know what happens and it is my longest post to date.
  • I probably should hide the identity of my fellow friends, but I wont. Especially since we all have the most basic of basic names.
  • Speaking of my friends they are:
    • Alex, Anna, Chris, and Dan. All except for Anna were in my Honors English class the past two semester, she is/was a junior but we’re friends with her and she was roomed with Alex in the hotel so she tagged along on most of our adventures. Dan, Anna, and I were the only ones of this group that also went on the winter trip to some dude ranch for a two day, one night trip. There will be a few other names mentioned as well, but everyone has such ordinary names that I again don’t care about making up fake aliases for each of them.


I get to school around 7:20ish in the morning and drop my bag off in the Honors lounge and go to get myself a BLT. On my way out I see Alex coming into the building and she was waiting for someone else who was going on the trip so we shouted hello despite being 20 feet away and I let them be. After getting my sandwich (The guy at the deli joked saying he put extra mayo on it when I asked for no mayo, I almost flipped) I went back to the lounge to grab my stuff and joined everyone who had already arrived in the main atrium. We were told we were boarding the bus and leaving by 8 on the dot, which of course didn’t happen. Alex, Anna, and I were standing around joking with some other girls who were on the trip (N.B. there were only like 7 dudes and 30 something females on the trip) and of course, just when I decide to start walking to the bathroom the woman in charge of the program and one of our chaperones says we are going on the bus now. So we get on the bus. I sit in the front with Dan and Chris and somehow, for the entire trip (except on two occasions for brief periods of time), the three of us managed to not have to sit next to anybody. The head of the Honors Program was going over some mandatory stuffs on a loudspeaker when suddenly she stopped and asked “Who are you?” and all heads on the bus turned backwards to face some chick who was standing up in her seat. She replied, with laughter, “I think I am on the wrong bus. I’m not going to DC.” We laughed, she seemed fine and got off the bus and removed her bag from the storage area underneath then continued on her way. The lady in charge (look, I’ll reveal all my friends secrets but I’ll spare the two chaperones so deal with it) continued with her list of procedures and precautions, all mandatory shiz. At some point we all had to be assigned numbers to do a countoff for whenever we ventured back onto the bus or into a new area to make sure we didn’t lose anyone. Dan and Chris both told me I had to remember their numbers for them but thankfully after the second count off they knew where they were. Finally, once all these procedures were dealt with, we were off!

Chris, Dan, and I chatted for a bit until we got to the end of the Holland Tunnel then they decided to go to sleep. I read a book (To Hell And Back by Audie Murphy, anyone interested in WW2 should read it if you haven’t already).  Before we left we were given our room assignments and I was put in a room with three people I didn’t know. Apparently there were a few girls who wanted to swap into different rooms so I gave up my spot there and moved into a room with three other girls that I did not know. At some point one of the other girls who I am acquaintances with asked the two chaperones if we could play Silence Of The Lambs on the bus’s TV. I had read the book but I never saw the movie. Since I was in the second row of the bus I had a bad view of the TV in front of me but in Dan’s row there was a TV so Chris, and just woke up, and I moved to the empty row behind Dan and we watched the movie. At some point Dan briefly woke up from his nap and I saw through the space between the chairs that he was confused as to where his friends were until he looked back and I waved. Then he went back to sleep. Not too much later we had to pause the movie to take a pit stop on the side of the highway at one of those pit stop stations with lots of eateries. I was finally able to use the bathroom and I then got myself an ice cream cone. Most other people got Starbucks or real food. When it was time to head back to the bus, it wasn’t there. Apparently it had to fill up on gas so everyone waited outside until it came back. When we were back on the bus we finished the movie and Chris and I went back to our normal seats. I think he took another nap and I read a bit more before I got distracted by the window and stared off into the outdoors while day dreaming. The girl who put on the movie and I started talking at some point because she is a fan of the Avatar: The Last Airbender series and its sequel series. We chatted about it and other TV shows/movies until we pulled up to the hotel. I woke Dan up at this point and Chris was already awake and we got off the bus. We migrated into the hotel lobby and found our room assignments and roommates. I had three nice girls, all of them are older than me and it seemed like they all already knew a little bit about each other so I was happy when Chris texted that he and Dan wanted me to come to their room. The two dickheads guys lucked out in that 1. Their only other roommate, Tom, was willing to sleep on the chairs or the floor of the room so none of them had to share a bed and 2. they had a fridge in their room that they didn’t even use during the trip. Alex and Anna eventually showed up to the room also, just as we were heading out to explore the hotel before we were going to our first stop: The Smithsonian. We found the hotel gym and Anna showed us that she could use the Lat-Pull at the heaviest weight. We also found the pool and a dining area with pool tables. Then it was time to head to the Smithsonian.

We got there at 3pm and the lady in charge of us nerdy delinquents told us to visit the museums that were in the area for the next three hours and meet back at the drop off spot. Either Chris or Dan immediately decided that we were going to do the flight simulators at the Air and Space museum so we found it on a map and we headed over there (it was just the guys, me and Alex. Anna went with a different group of people). When we got to the museum Dan saw some kids wearing helmets that said NASA on the side and wanted one but wasn’t too disappointed later when he found out that his head was too big for them. Once we were inside the museum the four of us were ready with phones (or in my case, an actual digital camera cause I have DinoTech) and taking tons of photos of the replicas of air crafts that were on display. We found the flight simulators with no problem and got online. Alex and I went together in one while the guys went into another. Before we go into the actual simulator we were giving instructions on how to “fly” the thing. Since I was driving I had to listen to that part but the lady didn’t do a good job at explaining which of the handles went to which controls. This resulted in Me and Alex being upside down for a majority of the ride (and her screaming her head off at me about how much she hates me) cause I couldn’t figure out how the hell to flip us right-side-up. She was in control of the “gun” but because of my amazing driving skills only managed to shot one enemy plane. When we met up with the guys after their simulation ended they tried to play it off as if they shot 15 planes but eventually cracked and said they also only got one. We then spent the next three hours in that one museum, touching everything whether we were allowed to or not and making jokes about different things. When it was winding towards the end and we had visited every exhibit in the museum we went to the gift shop. As we were wandering around the gift shop at some point I walked past a little kid with a lightsaber who almost slammed it into my legs. I said “Don’t do that” as emotionlessly as I could and continued walking while the little shit kid just smirked and looked at me and my friends laughed cause they knew I am not a fan of children. I ended up getting a hat that looks like the old WW2 pilot helmets. Dan, Chris, and I all also go freeze-dried space food. As we were leaving we heard from those around us that it was pouring outside. When we got to the exit we didn’t know what to do so the three us ate our astronaut food by the door (I had an ice-cream sandwich that tasted like Count Chocula cereal) then we decided we had to suffer the elements and we left the building. Luckily when we got outside it was no longer raining. Just a drizzle if that. We walked back to the bus seemingly dry until Dan decided to jump in a puddle and splash us.

We got back to the hotel and found out that there was a circular bus that, for one dollar, will take you into town from the hotel. So the four of us, Anna, and another girl named Sarah (never met her before but she was rooming with Alex and Anna so she invited herself along) took the bus. Everyone else in the group decided they wanted to try some exotic foods so I was stuck with having to try something new for once. We passed by a Thai and Sushi restaurant and almost everyone was intrigued by that but they decided to stay on the bus and see what else was around. We ended up driving by an Indian restaurant and everyone suddenly changed their minds to that and figured we’d have Thai and sushi the next day. So we get off the bus and I realize there is no way I am having burgers at this point so I prepare myself for the worst. We were the only ones in the restaurant when we entered and the food came pretty quickly. I got Chicken Madras which was tasty, but I wasn’t used to spicy foods so I appreciated the bus boy refilling my water every few minutes. The girl Sarah who tagged along apparently thinks that BBQ sauce is too spicy so she did not have a fun time and barely touched her food after the first bite. I suggested for her to have some of the white rice that was on the table but she doesn’t like pasta or rice. I didn’t bother trying to help after that. Towards the end of our meal another large party of people came in and were seated next to us. One of the people at their table held a toast to someone else for graduating from grad school and everyone at my table clapped along with them because that’s goals right there. They didn’t seem to mind at all that we shared in that moment of celebration. Finally, it is time to leave. We walk out the door and there is a torrential downpour going on. The employees tell us that it should pass in like 15 minutes so the six of us stayed huddled underneath the awning trying to figure out what they hell we’re gonna do. Anna ran out to find where the bus stop was but she slipped and almost fell so she came back. A few minutes later we see the bus that we need so Alex, Dan, Chris, and I start booking after the bus but sadly we miss it. We continue running because at this point we are really wet and just wanna get back to the hotel. We had a system of run a couple of blocks and then huddle underneath an awning or in the doorway of a store (most of them were closed at this point). We ended up running past the block we had to turn on (we actually huddled under an awning at the corner of the block without realizing it, mainly cause we were watching a motorcyclist trying to make his way through a very large puddle in the street) and it wasn’t until Dan took out his phone and used the GPS that we found out we had gone too far. When we were running back we made it to the corner again and Dan almost goes across the street to the right when we had to make a left and I yell at him to tell him he is going the wrong way. We continue the pattern of run a few blocks and then huddle but at this point it is of no use, we are all drenched. I was glad my shirt wasn’t completely white. Except for at the beginning when I actually had my glasses on my face which resulted in water splashing into my eyes, I was leading the pack in the runs. At some point I even stated “This is the worst mile I ever ran” to which I got angry replies (everyone in this group is athletic of some sort or at least goes to the gym regularly but they don’t run XC). At some point when we were huddled underneath an awning we see a bus driving up the street and realize that it is the bus we need. I run across the street, right infront of the bus as it was about to pull out of the bus stop, and we get on. After I paid my dollar I turn to start walking towards the back and I see Anna and Sarah are already on the bus and they are nowhere near as wet as we are. When the bus goes by the hotel it turns out none of them realized we had to push the stop request button so I do so and we get off at the next stop only to find that it is no longer raining. When we get inside the hotel we plan to meet up in the guys room once we are all dry. I walk to my room that was all the way at the end of the hall only to find that my keycard doesn’t work and none of my roommates are inside. So I go back down to the lobby and have them fix the issue and I also but myself a newspaper to use to dry my sneakers. I get back up to my room and it still takes a bunch of tries but I finally get the door open. I use the blow-dryer in the bathroom to dry out my sneakers and my hair. I then change into pajamas, stuff my sneakers with newspaper and grab a bunch of stuff to bring to the guys room. When I get there I give Chris the rest of the newspaper and he puts it inside his and Dan’s shoes since Dan was showering at this point. With me I also had a bag of KitKats, a deck of cards, Cards Against Humanity, and my electronic devices that actually allowed me to access the internet (cause I have a flipphone). The others got to the room after Dan got out of the shower and we watched American Ninja Warrior for a bit before playing Cards Against Humanity. Sarah didn’t want to play but we made her and at first she was complaining until she went on a winning streak. Anyone who has played this game knows the crazy things that come out and since all of us are twisted we had some great results. After the game ended we watched some more TV until it was a few minutes until 11:30, which was the time we had to be in our respective rooms for room checks. When I got to my room we had one of the chaperons come almost right away and then the four of us were left to do whatever. I told them about my day and when I got to Cards Against Humanity they were interested in playing, I think I was the only one of them who had played before. We played until one in the morning and decided it was time to go to sleep because we had to be out of the hotel at 7:45 in the morning the next day to go to Quantico.


I am unable to sleep, especially on vacation, so I got maybe three hours that night before I woke up at 5:30. I took a shower and what I thought was a good spot on the floor to put my pajamas was actually a really bad idea because they got soaking wet since the floor became a puddle whenever one of us showered. I hung them up to dry and hoped for the best. As I was getting ready I texted the guys, threatening that if neither of them texted back by 7 I would go to their room and wake them up. Chris must have woken up, responded, and gone back to sleep but then Dan texted saying he was about to go to Starbucks cause he need coffee to survive so I tagged along. When we got back to his room Chris was just waking up for real at this point and Tom was almost dressed. As Chris got ready Dan realized that he paid $5 for basically an egg mcmuffin while Chris only ate two KitKats. I had a protein bar and a blueberry scone. Then it was time to venture to the bus and we were off to Quantico. The guys again took a nap so I was left with just looking out the window and talking to the chaperons (the joys of sitting at the front of the bus). At some point we pulled up to a toll booth looking area, more like an ID inspecting checkpoint and there was this guy in full military outfit with a bigass gun so I woke Dan (who loves guns) so he could see it. Turns out our bus driver went the wrong way so they let us make a U turn and leave. When we actually did get to Quantico we had to go through more security checks and while we were waiting for someone to come back with our IDs we watched this truck with cargo pull up and be inspected by a dog. All of us were secretly hoping that the dog would find drugs/explosives/stowaways just so we could see the FBI people in action but there was none of that. Now I am not sure how much, if at all, I am allowed to tell of the tour we had of Quantico so I will say it was a three hour tour (cue the Gulliver’s Island theme song) and we may or may not all have gotten lung cancer from one of the buildings we entered. The forensic science people on the trip were disappointed that they didn’t get to see they labs. When we were driving back to the hotel I spotted a used book store only a couple blocks away from the hotel. When we got back in the hotel we tried getting on the elevators, they were pretty crowded, and eventually we got on. Squished like sardines were me, my group, one of my roommates and some other people who were staying at the hotel. Dan decides to say “Should we take this time to talk about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?” The random vacationers didn’t find his joke as funny as the rest of us did.

Alex, Dan, Chris, Anna, and I decided that we would go to lunch in about an hour cause the guys wanted to take another nap. In my hotel room I found that my pajamas were still soaked but I saw that my hotel room had an ironing board and an iron so I asked my roommates if that would dry my clothes or not and they said it would. I spent that entire hour hunched over my pajama shirt (I bought FBI sweatpants at the giftshop in Quantico so I didn’t worry about my pants) thinking of a sexist joke about how I finally became a woman since I ironed for the first time while my roommates sat there having an in depth discussion about feminism. I met up with my group in the lobby and we walked to find lunch. We chose to eat at a Johnny Rockets and I was happy to finally get a burger (but sadly the waitress thought that I didn’t want pickles when in fact that was one of the only things I DID want). As we were walking back to the hotel I mentioned the used book store I spotted and the girls wanted to go there but the guys wanted to go back to the hotel to play pool or actually go in the pool (we found out they did neither, they took yet another nap). So Alex, Anna, and I find the used bookstore and see that it’s in a basement of some house basically and we joked that I was leading us to our deaths (and at that very moment I almost fell down the stairs, ensuring even more laughter). Inside the used bookstore was B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I was almost overwhelmed with the amount of books to choose from. I ended up getting seven books (sadly though, one book that I found in the music section called Symphony: A How-to Manuel which I assumed was about how to write a symphony was infact about a computer software program with that name so I only got six books I actually wanted), Alex got one and Anna, although she saw a few that interested her, didn’t get any. We went back to the hotel and I grabbed the book I was already reading and went to their room to chill until it was time for our next adventure.

We got on the bus and headed out to see the Lincoln and the Martin Luther King JR. memorials. Alex sat next to me on the bus and we talked about the Macaulay Quidditch team cause she is a member on it. When we got to the memorials Dan was disappointed to find out that the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial were not the ones that Rocky ran up in the movie but he still sang The Eye Of The Tiger while mounting each step. When we were finally at the top of the steps, and when the chaperons finally finished making us take group photos, I told Alex that she should climb into Lincoln’s lap and tell him what she wants for Christmas (momentarily forgetting that she is Jewish). Not even a few minutes later one of the other guys on the trip, Nick, walked over to us and said we should all sit on Lincoln’s lap and tell him what we want for Christmas so obviously I wasn’t the only one with that joke. My main group of five stood around in a cluster for a bit talking or just staring into nothingness (I was doing more of the latter) before we decided to descend the stairs and wait for the meet up time that we were giving where we’d all migrate to the next memorial. We saw a large group of Asian tourists getting together to take a group photo infront of the reflecting pool and I said that one of us should photobomb them. Dan almost did but for whatever reason decided not to. We sat on a bench by the stairs for a while before we realized we had no idea where everyone else went. We walked to the base of the stairs and saw that almost everyone was already gather there and we were one of the last sets of people to join them. Once we did we walked over to the Martin Luther King JR memorial. Again we were given some time to walk around and observe but my group just stood by the lake that was there and watched the jumping fish. I almost didn’t even see the giant Martin Luther King JR cutout in stone and would have missed out on the entire reason why we were there in the first place (Note- I had no idea where we were at this point but I saw lots of quotes on walls that I didn’t bother to read. To me it just looked like we were at a faux Stonehenge). Then we headed back to the hotel and this night we had no curfew, which was a risky move on the chaperon’s parts but luckily as honors students we know how not to be delinquents when necessary. My group gathered together and decided to go to dinner.

We waited for the bus for a while and when we finally got on it we were planning (or rather everyone else was, I was just silently brooding) on going to the Thai and Sushi place we found the previous day. On the bus ride Anna was saying that her seat was uncomfortably warm so I offered to switch with her. The exhaust of the bus or something else having to deal with making cars warm (I know nothing about mechanics) must have been right under or next to this seat because within less than a minute I felt the heat Anna was talking to and I jokenly said “At least I’m finally hot now” and Alex chimed in “Yeah you got a hot ass” which received even more laughs. (Another note that doesn’t really matter but I’ll mention anyways- I was the only one in this group of five that is not attracted to females). When we got down to where the restaurant was we decided (to my pleasure) to stay on the bus for longer just to see what else was around, Dan even suggested taking it all the way around because it was a circular bus route. We eventually decided to get off and when we realized we were on Pennsylvania Avenue Dan (for like the rest of the night he basically dictated everything we did) suggested that we walk to the White House, despite the fact that his mom texted him earlier in the day about a bomb threat or something that happened there. Anna tried to convince us it was a bad idea but in my hopes of not having to try raw fish I said we should do it and luckily the bus stop we got off at had a map of the area so we saw that we weren’t too far so we set off.

It took us about two to three blocks before we walked by a building that had a waterfall wall infront of it. Chris and I raced to the building to see who could touch the waterfall first (I believe I won). Like the idiots we are, almost all five of us were having a grand old time placing our hands and faces on the wall to see how it felt. When we had enough of that we walked another few feet to some cool looking floor fountain that spewed water into a large puddle area so we stared playing with the water spewers. Dan seemed to have fun getting the rest of us as wet as he could and he almost even took a drink of it before deciding that floor water probably wouldn’t taste that good. When we started to walk away from the building and on with our adventure I noticed that the building was for the International Monetary Fund, which was something that Dan and I had read about in our history class back in the fall semester. I pointed it out to him and he said “oh yeah, those guys were dicks.” I suggested we run in and yell that at them but we just continued walking. On our adventure a recurring theme was jaywalking, making fun of the ridiculously long countdowns for the cross walks (They started at like 80 seconds when here in NYC the most they’ll give you at the busiest of corners is 25), and almost getting hit by cars because we’re too used to the traffic in Manhattan. As we got closer to the building Dan told us a joke he heard from somewhere that it is illegal to say you are going to kill the pres. (abbreviating incase the CIA are scanning the interwebs for that quote, don’t want my blog getting destroyed and me getting water-boarded at Guantanamo bay) and he kept messing with us as if he was gonna shout those words as loud as possible. Alex got pissed at him for telling us this because she said that she is very impulsive so for the rest of the night I would ask her “what is it illegal to say?” When we finally got to the White House it was too late to go on any tours but we were able to take photos. Since it was dark out my camera that my mom lent me didn’t get too good of quality photos, which resulted in everyone else making fun of my for my lack of modern technology. While we were there we saw two Secret Service Police officers (not like high profile, suit and tie with ear piece peoples, just cops who are part of that branch of law enforcement there) and Dan wanted to talk to them about requirements to getting a job with them. Turns out all we needed was to be 21 or older so Dan and I said “See you in three years” in unison. As we walked away from them Dan decided that now we should walk to the Capital Building. Again, Anna tried to talk us out of it but we marched on. Apparently it is a 2 mile journey from the White House to the Capital Building. At some point before we left the general area of the White House I spotted a dude who looked like the chem prof that I had so I pointed him out to Chris who took the same class I did except in the spring semester. He then told me he got an A- in it so I called him an ass or something of that sort. I honestly cannot remember every moment of this venture but I do know there was a lots of roasting of each other, talks of going to a bar despite the fact that they all forgot their fake IDs (and I lack one), and more jaywalking/almost getting hit by cars. At some point we passed by a building that had the FBI emblem on the outside so we all took a photo of it. The flash on my camera almost ruined mine so Alex said “Don’t worry Michelle, we’ll fax it to you.” Along the walk we realized we were hungry but all the restaurants we passed looked well out of our price range so we ignored the grumbles of our stomachs. At another point we passed by a newspaper printing press building that had the front cover of a newspaper from each of the 50 states. Since they were laid out in alphabetical order Dan started to sing the song The 50 States In Rhyme and I picked up from where he left off. I walked passed each of the newspapers, not really reading or caring about them and once I got to the end I decided to sit down in a bench nearby. Anna and Chris joined me while Alex and Dan continued to look at the newspapers. Before we set off to continue on our journey we spotted a homeless man who seemed to appear out of nowhere, hidden behind the building. He was just chilling and not doing anyone harm but we weren’t expecting to see anybody there. When we finally got to the Capital Building it was 9:30ish at night so obviously most of it was closed off and all I got was one really crappy photo. We decided to take a short break sitting down outside of the building to figure out what to do now. We figured we didn’t want to walk all the way back the way we came to get to the hotel so Anna used her phone’s GPS to find a bus stop nearby.  As we walked to the bus stop we passed by was sort of looked like a drinking water fountain that was just spewing out water on the side of the building. All of us were in need of water so we didn’t care about possible arsenic poisoning, which I joked about as we walked away. We got to the bus stop and sat on the ground because our legs were shot. All of us were hungry at this point and Dan spotted two policemen across the street. All of us except for Anna walked over to them to ask if they knew of any places nearby that were still open where we could eat (It was 9:50pm and unlike NYC, things close hella early there in DC). The police men told us to walk up four blocks and there should be some places to eat around there. We called Anna over and started walking uphill. About two blocks in we pass by a bus stop and I was continuing forward with the guys but Alex and Anna pointed out that at this time buses only come every half an hour. We turn around and see the bus we need is stopping there so we run back to the bus stop and I again run infront of the bus to make sure it doesn’t drive away. When we get on the bus we didn’t realize that this one took more than a dollar, $1.75 to be exact, to get on so Dan and I put our dollars in and walked to the first spot we saw with space while the others were left there trying to figure out what was wrong. While we were on the bus some lady helped Dan and I pull down the seat (we were standing in the area where seats move up if someone is in a wheelchair) and we were able to sit down. Anna finds out using her GPS that it will take us over an hour to get back to the hotel. Dan suggests that we get off and get a taxi, which we all agreed on. We got off the bus and stood the bus stop for a little bit before we realized that no taxis were coming around here at that time of night. We were in, as we called but who knows if it is accurate or not, the ghetto. The bus stop we got off at was fancy and when we pushed a button it told us, in both English and Spanish, how far away the next bus for each of the buses that stopped there was. We spotted a Chinese food place across the street and even though I am not fond of Chinese food I was too hungry to care so we walked over there only to see that this place was really sketchy. It had no seats, we didn’t see anybody inside, it was brightly lite and just purely white, the counter was blocked by what looked to be pexiglass windows. We decided not to go inside. Then someone suggested we call a cab so they looked up the numbers for local taxi services and Dan called. We gave them our location and everything only to find out that four people were the maximum amount to be picked up. When Dan asked if we could just lie and say that there were four of us the person on the phone told him that the phone call was being recorded so that stopped that plan. I could have easily fit in the trunk, squeezed in between them or even sat on somebody’s lap (doubt any of them would have minded especially since I am not even 100 pounds) but we were left lost and confused. We decided that we should get back on the bus and of course when we turn around there is the bus we need, across the street. So for the third and final time of this trip I run in front of the bus to stop it from driving away. The guys and I get on and again only pay a dollar each, leaving Anna and Alex to figure out that the price is actually higher. Luckily, this was a different bus that took a more direct route to the hotel so our ride was less than the originally expected hour. On the journey back Alex’s phone has a step counter thing and told us that we walked over 13 miles in total that day. The others were trying to figure out what we were going to do for food. Apparently they had spotted an Irish bar nearby the hotel earlier and considered that and Anna called some other place asking if they deliver but they had no idea what she was asking. I was just so tired and I was sitting in the frontmost row alone so I just stared at nothing, contributing very little to the conversation. When we were almost at the hotel we spotted a pizzeria across the street that was still open so we got off and went there. It was a very small place so we ordered our food to go. Once we left and were starting to walk towards the hotel I saw a bus drive by in the opposite direction and recognized someone sitting in the front, turns out it was the first bus we were on.

When we got into the hotel we were planning on eating near the pool tables in the dining hall. We walked to the dining hall only to find that it was closed. We almost went in, but I pointed out the security camera so we chose to eat in the guy’s hotel room. Alex got blue cheese with whatever it was that she ordered but she gave it to Dan. He read out loud that the label on the blue cheese said “Made in College Point, NY” and I said “That’s where my high school is” he told me that he was just about to ask if any of us knew where that was. That was when I realized I was the only one in the group from NYC (Chris is from Long Island, Dan upstate, Alex California, and Anna, who was currently not in the room, is from Connecticut) so I told them that College Point is also where West Nile Virus originated in America. After that I opened the box that had my two slices of pizza and I was shocked. The two slices were big enough to be about the size of half a pizza together. Alex and Chris got a whole pie together and their slices were normal sized so I have no idea why I got giant pizza but somehow I finished it (it took a while). While we were eating I ran to my room to get my iPod charger so that I could go on Facebook and Twitter. As I was running down the hall to the elevator I saw Tom and said that I’d be right back in his room in a minute so he left the door open on that hinge thingy that hotel doors have to make it so you don’t have to swipe the card to enter. When I got to my room my roommates were there with a bunch of other people from the trip and they were sitting on the floor playing Cards Against Humanity. I had no problem with it and just said to make sure my cards are organized when they finish. When I was going back to the guy’s room I saw Nick (see paragraph with the Lincoln Memorial) going into his room and he said he would come into the guy’s room in a few minutes.

When Nick came into the room we gave him a brief overview of what happened to us that night and he had a story to tell. Earlier in the day he was at the pool and apparently one of the lifeguards was a hot Ukrainian chick so he got her number and they met up when she got off work. They walked to her apartment, four miles away in Virginia, and he said they were having a good conversation. At her apartment her roommate showed up who, according to Nick, was just as hot. They wanted to go get beers at 7-11. While they were walking to the store that they would talk in Ukrainian, look at him and giggle and keep talking to each other and he thought he was in. When they got back to the apartment he claimed that there was no more blood in his head and he was thinking of dead puppies to try to control himself. At the door of her apartment the lifeguard gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek, told him goodnight and closed the door in his face. He had to use his phone’s GPS to walk four miles back to DC alone with no reward. He did have a pocket knife which he said he took out at some point when a guy was giving him the creeps and that managed to be the only issue he had walking back, well besides losing his dignity I assume. I asked him if he needed a hug, realizing only later that a hug was probably the last thing he needed after what she did to him. Then the rest of them started talking about past conquests in the bedroom and I was left on the floor scrolling through Meninist’s most recent tweets on Twitter since I haven’t even kissed a guy yet. Eventually Alex joined me on the floor to charge her phone and someone turned the TV onto one of the more recent X-Men movies. Alex eventually moved onto Dan’s bed and they scrolled through their phones looking at pictures of chicks while the rest of us quietly watched the movie or continued scrolling through social media. I moved away from the fridge that I was sitting next to and inbetween the two bed on the floor so I could actually see what was going on in the movie. Chris eventually threw down a pillow (still pronounced pallow by me for my long time readers). At around one in the morning the girls decided that we should go to our respective rooms and all of us get sleep, Alex was already dozing off and I think the guys wanted us out anyways. Dan leaves to room to go to the vending machine to get a snack and we all say good night and walk in our separate ways. When I got to my room the Cards Against Humanity party was just finishing up and a few of the people told me that they loved the game so I informed them they could buy it on Amazon. My roommates showered and around two in the morning all of us we in our beds, scrolling through social media waiting to fall asleep.

Wednesday (holy shit I thought I’d never get here)

I woke up at 7:30ish because I still had to shower and pack my clothes. This time I made sure nothing was on the floor when I was showering. We had until 10:30 to get ready to be on the bus so everyone else in the room was still asleep. I didn’t want to wake them by using the hair dryer so I got myself ready and left the room as quietly as I could to go outside and get myself breakfast. When I got to the lobby of the hotel I saw James, a forensic science senior who just graduated and who tutored the freshmen in the honors program studying forensic science. He was waiting for a friend and they were going to get breakfast so I tagged along. We got to a bagel place but I got myself a fruit salad instead. Walking back they both said how disappointed they were that they didn’t get to see the labs at Quantico since they both were science majors. We ate in the lobby of the hotel and once I finished I told them I had to go pack my stuff and that I’d see them later. When I got to my room my roommates were slowly shuffling out of bed and getting ready for the last day of the trip. I packed my bag and once we were all done we inspected the room to make sure that nobody left anything behind. When I got down the lobby I realized just how bad the used book store was cause my bag was extremely heavy. I sat down on the lobby floor next to Nick and some other people. Nick mentioned that he was really sore and needed a Tylenol. Apparently he went to the hotel gym when he woke up. I said to him “Nick, after the night you just had, why would you go to the gym?” His response was “Suns out, guns out baby.” Eventually Chris and Dan came down and I walked over to them and told them how bad of an idea the used bookstore was, they asked why and when I let them feel my bag Dan exclaimed that it was heavier than I am. Once I was able to, I walked out with a group onto the the bus and I just threw my bag into the bag compartment. On the bus I saw that there was a bag on the seats where Dan was sitting the entire time so I moved it back one hoping the owner of the bag wouldn’t realize because I knew he nor I nor Chris wanted to give up our record of not sitting next to anybody on this trip. Turns out that the bag was from two of my roommates. As it got closer to 10:30 almost everyone was on the bus. I was looking out the window and I saw the girl Sarah walking towards the bag compartment and then I saw the guys running to the bus, mainly so she wouldn’t take their seats. Once everybody was on we headed out for our last stop before home, the Supreme Court.

Out of everything on this trip I was least excited for the Supreme Court visit but at the point I was still so tired and dehydrated from the day before to care. Our bus driver had to drop us off at some bus depot that had a bunch of stores and eatery places. We walked from there to the Supreme Court building. Once we were inside one of the first things I noticed was a giant painting of John Jay. We had to wait around in a lobby for a while and then, after walking in a circle, we found out where a seating room was that was showing this film about the history of the supreme court. Alex, Dan, Chris, and I sat in the very back and I tried to close my eyes to see if I could fall asleep, didn’t work. At some point I cracked my back, neck, and, shoulder for possibly the first time on the trip and Alex who was sitting next to me said something along the lines of “holy shit.” I told her how during the semester in our English class I would always annoy two of our other friends (who weren’t on the trip because they were stuck at school taking the worst possible summer chemistry class ever) that sat next to me by cracking all those joints in class. When the film finally ended we got up and walked to some other part of the building where we had to quietly wait to enter the courtroom where business goes down in the Supreme Court. This dude was giving us an extra insight to what the movie didn’t tell us and I was sitting next to Alex bored out of my mind. When that finally ended we headed to the gift shop but before we got there I saw the bust of a formed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that had the same last name as one of my friends. Since this dude was mentioned a bunch of times in the I pointed it out to them and they took a picture. At the gift shop I didn’t want to get anything because I spent a bunch of money on stuff in the FBI gift shop and at the bookstore. Dan’s entire mission for this trip was apparently to get a replica of the Bill Of Rights so he could highlight the second amendment (AKA to him as the only one that matters). I found one for him in the poster section. Then Chris and I started hitting each other with this toy gavels. We also saw a book or game called “How to become a lawyer” and I joked saying we should get it for one of our other friends who wasn’t on the trip because he wants to be a lawyer. Finally it was time to head out and we walked back to the bus drop off station. On the way there we passed by a police car that had its hood slightly open. Dan tapped on the window to inform the cop of it and he said that the car overheats.

At the bus station we had about an hour to get lunch and such before we were off. Alex, Anna, and I desperately had to use the bathroom so our group walked around until we found a map that showed us where they were. As we were going down the stairs of this station to get to the restrooms Chris and I started belting out singing as many patriotic songs as we could think of. Anna asked us if we were hold that in for the whole trip and we told her that we were planning on annoying everyone on the bus with them but forgot about it. After fluid waste needs were met we started to look around for what to eat. The others spotted a Japanese food place and I honestly didn’t feel like trying it so I went to the vendor right next it where Tom and a few other people were standing and I got myself a nice “healthy” lunch of Tacobell. I was the last one to sit down at the table and start eating out of my group because I couldn’t figure out where the hell they were. After we finished eating we joked that Dan should get a tramp stamp of the second amendment among other things. Anna was swiping through Tinder and since I was sitting next to her I was judging the guys that showed up along with her. As it gets closer to the time that we needed to head back to the meeting spot we leave our table and start walking. At the meeting spot we were waiting around for the head chaperon to get a call from the bus driver that he was there. My little group saw Tom and his friends attempting to take pictures on a film camera that printed the photo out right away. They were having trouble getting everyone in the photo and it was funny to watch. After a few attempts they gave up and Tom decided he wanted to get Starbucks. A couple minutes after he left the chaperon who was waiting for the bus driver was starting to tell us what we were gonna do from that point and at the end of her spiel we were gonna have another count off to make sure everybody was there. I saw Tom on-line at Starbucks and tried to wave him over but he lifted up his cup either to show he didn’t get his drink yet or he was paying, I’m not sure. When we started the count off we got up to 5 and then had to stop cause he was still on-line. Then he finally ran over towards us and his friends told him to say his number so he shouted six and we were able to move on. Once we got back to the bus Dan and Chris took their seats and their final naps of the trip. The girl who had The Silence Of The Lambs said she found an FYE at the bus station and got a couple more movies so they put on the prequel. I just listened to music and read the rest of To Hell And Back. At some point the head chaperon walked towards the back of the bus to do something and she saw that Dan was sleeping with his hoodie over his head and she looked at me to laugh. When we got somewhere in Jersey we made a pit stop nearby the place we made a pit stop on the way down. It turns out Nick lived nearby there so instead of having to go all the way into The City just to take a train back home we got off and he had his dad pick him up. When we got back on the bus we drove the rest of the way back to school smoothly. The head chaperon gave us some instructions that we had to write a review about the trip so they knew how to improve on it and other trips for next time. I had to relay this information to Chris and Dan when they woke up from their naps. Once we got back to school we got off the bus and stood around trying to get our bags from the bag compartment. Alex wasn’t happy to find out that her bus back to Philly (she had an internship there over the summer) left at 8pm and it was already 8:10, Dan was attempting to get in contact with his mom who was picking him up, and I went over to James to say good-bye to him since he graduated and I wasn’t gonna see him again and he was cool. He told me that he was gonna work as a lab tech at the college but then remembered that I switched out of science and tried to tell me to take a lab course (fuck no). Once Dan figured out where his mom was Chris, Alex, and I said good-bye to him and the three of us walked to the subway station. When I tried to swipe my Metrocard at the turnstile I dropped it so I had to somehow pick it up while carrying my giant and overweight bag, I hit my head on the turnstile as I stood up. Chris and Alex had to take a different train than I did so when mine came I bid them farewell and I was on my way. Mom picked me up and I got home relatively fine.

And that my friends was my trip to DC

Your friend,
And traveling buddy

Going The Distance

Hello again folks!

The past few days all I have done is sit on my bed and refresh Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Memebase while simultaneously playing Tetris so I figured it is time to do something productive. As I promised several times before I am going to write a blog post on cross country. Well here it is!

For me my interest in running started in eighth grade. At that age gym became my favorite class and I was part of the small handful of girls who actually did participate. At the start of every gym class we would have to run two laps around the gym, or two laps around the tennis courts if we were outside. I would go full out sprinting right behind a girl who did track outside of school. I didn’t move my arms correctly which resulted in the boys of my gym class calling me Sausage Fingers. I never understood that logic but I embraced the name. In eighth grade I went through my angsty-I-hate-everyone phase that most tweens/teens go through and yet in gym I felt pure joy. Also in this year we had to choose which high school we would be attending. I wasn’t happy at this time that I would be attending the high school I did (re-read my spirit week post and you’ll see it took me time to love it there) but on an orientation day that my high school held for the newly accepted students they gave out booklets with all the clubs and sports that they had. The three that popped out to me were track club, volleyball, and cross country. At this time I was really interested in volleyball but because of gym I considered cross country and track club. One of the current students informed me that track club didn’t interfere with volleyball and that you don’t have to run as far as you do in cross country, which I thought was good because at that time running 1.5 miles seemed impossible. I wasn’t even ready for the end of the year mile we had to run in gym class! So I decided that I would do volleyball in the fall and track club in the spring.

When freshman year came along I tried out for the volleyball team along with my cousin who was a year older than me and already on the team. After the second day of try-outs I was cut but a week later my cousin informed me I was on the team. I didn’t realize it until years later that she must have talked to the coaches and got me on the roster. I was not good at competitive volleyball. Not at all. I did very good back in middle school when the rest of the girls didn’t move on the court at all so it was all up to me. But in high school I bombed at it. I wasn’t even put on the court for the first two games! I don’t blame the coach, she wanted to try to break our eight year losing streak (not joking, it took until the year after for the JV team to finally when a game) and having me on the court would not let that happen. The team was fun but there seemed to be tension and such between players. It didn’t help that we weren’t the best and couldn’t win more than a single set. All in all it was just not the greatest of experiences. Then comes spring time and track club finally starts. The amount of fun I had in this club cannot be put into words. Around the middle of the season I finally started getting used to the running and finally started to get to know other people in the club. People from other sports tried to convince me to join their sport. I had a friend who was on the soccer team (who did cross country with me for one season before going back) try to get me to join that. I had another friend who was captain of the bowling team try to convince me that it would be a good idea to join that, little did she know I was worse at bowling than at volleyball. I don’t remember if any basketball people tried to get me to join that but it would have been a laugh considering I can never get the ball into the basket. Then one of my now closest friends, who was captain of the cross country team, told me to consider joining that. And I did consider it. After a couple of weeks I finally went to see my guidance councilor who was also the cross country coach at my school to tell her that I will be joining cross country in the fall season and she was happy to hear that. I continued to do track club for the rest of my time in high school and it was the only extracurricular activity that I did for all four years. As the time moved it it became a lot easier and I would always laugh when my non-runner friends who joined the club would complain to me in school about how sore they were.

That summer my coach sent out emails to everyone interested in joining the team. These weekly emails listed out how far she wanted us to run and how many times in that week we should do so. I followed those emails almost religiously with my dad. We used Google Maps Pedometer to track out the course we’d run and out the door we went. The whole summer I agonized over the thought of “What did I get myself into?” and I always hoped I would trip on one of the cracks on the sidewalk and that would be the end of my running days. But I never tripped and even though it hurt, I pushed through. The first day of practice I found out there were no cuts, if you wanted to stay on the team you just had to put the effort in. It was really tough at first. Hell, it still is. But I kept going. My friend Michelle, who I spoke of in my previous post, was on the team and at practice we would always run side by side and when it came time for walking we had to keep on a look out because our coach always seemed to pop out from bushes to tell us to keep running. The friends I made from this season I kept throughout the years and the memories we shared were countless. My coach put me in charge of leading the stretches everyday and this lasted for the rest of the time I was on the team because, according to her, I had super memory and a loud enough voice to keep everyone in line. I tried to mix them up by counting in various languages like Spanish, Finnish, and German which always got laughs. During every season as the months progressed we would run outside of the park and in the streets of the neighborhood where my school was located. We would always end up in the next area over with really nice houses and all of us picked out where we will eventually live when we were all rich. One of my friends from the team sat behind me in Spanish class and since we never really learned in that class, it was more of a party with quizzes every now and then, we made a list of everything we wanted to accomplish in our future seasons of cross country. I do not remember everything on that list but I do remember Number 1, “Get a medal at every race.” Sadly to this day that has not happened but I still have that as a goal. Another thing on that list was to go off on people who called cross country “track” because that is one of my biggest pet peeves. THEY. ARE. DIFFERENT. SPORTS. My most memorable race this season was a sophomore only race that took place after the PSATs. During the race I was doing my usual thing, struggling and walking at some parts. Suddenly that girl from gym class in 8th grade who ran track was next to me, and she was from my rival school. I was nice and said hello and she remembered me and we continued in silence because we were both tired. When we were out of the woods but not yet at the end of the race I was starting to slow down and was about to walk when a couple of her teammates shouted “Good job, Diana! You can beat her, she is slowing down!” And then they started chanting their school’s name. That was all the boost I needed to push me on and I left that girl in the dust. I just looked at the results of that meet, I finished in 24:31 and she finished in 25:08. That was one of my proudest moments that season and in my time of being on the sport in general. Plenty of other races had memorable moments, like my second meet when there was a tree blocking the way and a big group of us didn’t know that we had to climb through it to continue on. Or one other meet sometime in October when out of nowhere it started snowing and we were stuck on our bus for hours as the public schools did their race and we waited to see if ours was cancelled or not, and eventually it was.

This right here was my team in sophomore year. I am the 6th girl in from the right, pale and with the bangs covering my eyes.

This right here was my team in sophomore year. I am the 6th girl in from the right standing up, pale and with the bangs covering my eyes.


In junior year I became one of the team captains which, out of all the leadership roles I had in high school (which is a pretty long list) is still my most favorite of them all. I made it a goal this year to not walk in a race again and I have kept to that goal, despite injuries and all. This was the last season that I had with a big amount of my teammates because they were all graduating but we made the most of it. However, there was a group of girls who were on the team that really did not put in the effort and used practice more as a time to socialize than exercise. The phrase “keep running” was used far too often at practice. Something else that was used way too often at practice was Bengay. So many of my teammates used Bengay like a drug. The moment they felt anything in their legs they would lather themselves with it to the point where I am sure the entire park smelled of peppermint or whatever it was supposed to smell like. Some of my favorite memories from this season were… One day at practice in this season out of nowhere a swarm of dragonflies came into the park and like the tough beasts that we all were, we rushed back to school only to be followed by the harmless little insects. Throughout this season Michelle and I would always pet a cat that lived in one of the houses on the way to the park. This cat would even run up to us when we were coming just to get it’s daily ear scratches in. We called the cat Mr. Kitty but one day the cat was wearing a collar and turns out her name was Foxy. I still have photos of Mr. Kitty/Foxy on my phone. I will post one of them below. From then on my coach made it a rule at the beginning of every track club and cross country season that we were not allowed to pet the “stray cats” of the neighborhood. I always broke that rule. Also this season our coach signed for a 5k, which none of us had ever run before. This race took place on the ginormous grounds of a high school out in Long Island. At this race my coach saw someone she once knew and I don’t remember what he did but apparently he was rude to us or something. When my coach went to go get our bibs the person at the tent asked her “Where’s your coach?” because my coach looks like she could pass as one of us and she had to inform them that she was the coach. Later on at this race when I was doing a warm up jog with my teammates some of the officials yelled at us to get off the course, not that we knew where the course was because there were no lines and when we actually started the race we had to run in circles and past the same areas I don’t know how many times. Apparently in this race a few of my teammates got yelled at for breaking other rules that we didn’t know were in place and at the end of the day we all decided that we are never going back to Great Neck for a race ever again. Another meet we had this season was called the Reebok Manhattan HS Invitational. My teammates and I were at Van Cortlandt Park for over six hours because of all the events that took place between the race our freshmen were signed up for and the race that the rest of us were signed up for. Apparently the female captain of my college cross country team, who is now one of my good friends, was at this meet too, but we were in different events. She still beat me by a lot, 5 minutes and 32 seconds to be exact. At the sophomore only race for this season two of the seniors and I went hiking through VCP and discovered that the park was much bigger than we thought. Somehow we managed to find our way back to cheer on our teammates. All in all this was a fun season.

Foxy AKA Mr. Kitty

Foxy AKA Mr. Kitty


In senior year we had basically a brand new team since a majority of the members from the previous season either graduated or quit. This season, since the other two captains graduated, I had to step up my leadership game. Especially since the new captain, who is the first ever four year runner my high school had (also the fastest runner my high school has had so far), always manages to get lost. Even if we were running the stairs inside of school she would still manage to lose her way and it was up to me to keep her in place. I had to push myself to run along side her at practice so she would know where she was going and this helped me because my times kept improving for each meet. But the fun stuff wouldn’t happen when I raced, it would be after I and most of my teammates finished and there was still one person left. During this season we had to run the course in reverse as a search party more times than not for that one lone girl who was still running. Every time without fail it would turn out that they ran to the public school side of the course instead of the Catholic school finish line. But as in every season we had our fun and made memories and became that close family that seemed to happen in every season. I even used running a cross country race as a metaphor to my experience in high school for my personal essay to use when I was applying to colleges. I compared the different parts of the race to each year in high school and it worked out beautifully.

Going into college I found out to get onto my school’s cross country team I would actually have to try out and this included running 3.6 miles in 32 minutes or less. From the day after my high school graduation until the end of August when tryouts took place I woke up at 8am every weekday morning to have a protein bar and go run in my neighborhood to try to get the mileage under my belt. I started out fine but in the middle of July at the end of one of my runs I fell and hit my knee hard. It hurt like hell to walk on it, never mind run. This pushed me back a whole week in my training and I was unable to practice speed, only distance. As it got closer to tryouts time I noticed that I was constantly four minutes slower than I needed to be. At that time I started to question whether I really wanted to continue doing cross country but I kept going, not letting anyone know I was having doubts. Then one of the senior members of the team held a few unofficial practices before tryouts. I went to all but one to see how it was running as a collegiate athlete. After the first of these practices I really started having doubts as to whether I would be able to make it on the team. I even needed to take my first ever ice bath because my legs were killing me from running to Central Park, around the Reservoir, and back and then running up and down the stairs of my school. When I went back a few days later I told the teammate in charge of these practices that I was having doubts as to whether I’ll make it and he told me that since I am a freshman and I hadn’t been on the team before the coaches would be a little more lenient with the time trial results if I didn’t finish in the 32 minutes. This gave me confidence and hope. Which was ultimately crushed when tryouts did come along and on the very first day we ran about 7 miles and the next day we did 8 miles. I had never run further than 4 miles before that and I felt absolutely dead. I was the slowest out of everyone and I doubted that I would be able to get on the team. When my mom was driving me to the train station one of these days she said that she could turn around and I could stay home if I really wanted to. But I decided I came this far, I might as well continue on. The next two days of tryouts we were indoors in the fitness center doing either machine circuits or calisthenics. I had never used any machine in a gym before except for the stationary bike so this was not easy to do and the calisthenics were tough, but more manageable. Then after that we had to run up and down the stairs, all 193 steps (I counted), for 15 minutes with a 15 pound vest on and 15 minutes without. This was absolute torture for me. Then we got a day rest and after that it was time for the time trials. Just like the previous days of tryouts I was the slowest person in the group that I went out with. I finished in 35:59. I was so disappointed in myself and I was so upset that I wasn’t going to make it on the team at that point that I walked far ahead of the other four people and my coach so they wouldn’t have to fake kindness to me and so they wouldn’t see how I felt. That night I waited in my room for hours for the email with the roster list. When it finally came in I couldn’t believe it, I actually made it on the team! One of my coaches later told me that they saw my determination to not quit and felt that my attitude towards the sport would get me further and that is why they put me on the roster.

For the next two months I ran further distances and more often than I had ever in my life. I also actually fell in love with the sport when before I just simply ran. Even though I suffered through Runner’s Toes, an Achilles Heel injury, possible shin splints, and just general fatigue all over, I really enjoyed what I was doing. Three times a week I ran during the midday practice and the coach in charge of that time pushed us further than I thought we could possibly go. Twice a week I would run at the evening practices and it was always interesting being in The City that late at night; I wouldn’t get home until around 9pm. We had meets not only at VCP but also upstate, Long Island, and even one in Delaware. During the middle of the season we had a Bye-week where we didn’t have to run, but we did have practice in the school’s pool and the fitness center. It was like try-outs all over again and it sucked but it made me appreciate running even more. During that week I visited my high school team at practice and at their meet that weekend. I tried hard to not scare the girls away from joining cross country in college but it was hard because they did not like hearing about how far I was running every day. It was only a month into the season but what seemed impossible to them, and even me at the time, I was able to accomplish with ease. Unlike the nice, happy, friendly family that the cross country team was back in high school, on this team we were all assholes who loved to mess with each other, but we supported our teammates through thick and thin. Sadly the season ended early for all but one member of the women’s team because we did not perform excellently at CUNYAC Champs. The rest of the team was able to compete in two more races. When this season finished I didn’t have much time to run, but I somehow managed to squeeze a few runs in and as a new member to the New York Road Runners I even did two races to try to stay in the running shape. I plan to continue running throughout this year instead of only starting again in the summer like how I did in previous years because I want to close the gap between me and the fastest girl on the team and I also just want a damn medal. Just one will make me happy, more than that would be even better.


And this here is my teammates and I after CUNYAC Champs. I am the second person from the left in the bottom row.

And this here is my teammates and I after CUNYAC Champs. I am the second person from the left in the bottom row.

Cross country is no longer just a hobby for me, it is my life. It has shaped me into a better person physically and mentally. Even though at the start, middle, and even the very end before I cross the finish line of every race I question why I do this, I will not give it up. I will always be good friends with my teammates from both my high school and my college team. I think at the start of this I had more to say about how cross country has affected me but I forget, but I think you get the point by now so I shall end it here.

Your friend,
The running fiend

A Look Back And A Look Ahead

Well well well… It seems my fan base is growing. I guess this means I should post on here a little more often. I’ll start with right now and (maybe) continue to post somewhat regularly as time goes on.

I am stealing the idea for this post from one of my good friend’s, also named Michelle, blog post from a little earlier today.

2014 was a pretty eventful year, as are most other 12 month spans of time but a few big things happened this year for me.
-I started off with a New Years Resolution to drink milk and that lasted until the end of August.
-I made this blog. Kinda cool.
-I got accepted to every college I applied to and chose to attend my first choice.
-I was asked to apply to the Honors Program at my college and I got in.
-I graduated high school and earned many awards at my last sports awards, my graduation mass, and graduation itself, the biggest one being Woman Of The Year because apparently it was a 100% consensus among the faculty at my school that I encompassed all the qualities that they hope to see in all of their students.
-I went hang-gliding for my 18th birthday. That was fun.
-I put in months of hard work running to try to get onto the cross country team at my college and when I lost all hope that was ever going to happen, I made it. Cross Country blog post coming eventually I promise!
-I changed my major after weeks of struggle to find a reason to stick with it.
-And there are so many other things that happened but it is time to move on and into new adventures!!

Every year people make new years resolutions. I have done so a couple of times. I tend to accomplish them to some extent but then I, like everyone else, give up. I also tend to make summer resolutions when school ends and I find myself with an overwhelming amount of free time. Those always last for a week before I give up and spend the rest of my time on the computer looking at the same exact websites over and over again. Well I am going to copy what Michelle did and post 20 10 things that I want to accomplish. These are the same things I have been trying to do every year and give up or fall short so if even one (I just want to cut in right here to tell you that Michelle just tweeted me to keep blogging and that she just finished reading all my posts, great minds think alike huh) or two are accomplished I will be very happy. Our lists have some things in common because we have some similar goals, but enjoy both anyway! Here we go.

1. Get a medal at one or more cross country meets this season.
-I have been wanting a medal ever since I joined this sport back in my sophomore year of high school and many times I have been close. I have only received medals at those races where everyone gets one for participation and those do not count in my mind.

2. To accomplish #1 I have to exercise more, improve my running techniques, and never give up. I’d say eat healthier but all runner know that doesn’t happen.

3. Improve my drumming skills.
-By this I mean learn more songs, restrict myself less, build up my stamina for double bass drumming, stop criticizing myself over every mistake, and learn how I can fix things that go wrong.

4. Learn to play the harmonica.
-I have had one of these little instruments since I was a sophomore in high school and every summer I plan on learning how to become a badass harmonica player, but that never happens.

5. Learn to speak Finnish.
-This has been on my list for years and I try but it is hard to motivate myself especially since it is such a difficult language and I don’t know anyone in person who speaks it.

6. Leave my comfort zone more often.
-I have to eat more foods I never tried, go to more places, try things on my own, and so much more.

7. Socialize more.
-I am an introvert so I tire easily when spending time with people and it is hard for me to initiate social contact, even with friends I have known for years. All my socializing seems to happen either during cross country season with my team or during off times in school waiting for class. Anything besides that rarely happens.

8. Improve my grades.
-This should have been number 1 but eh, it doesn’t really matter the order that this goes in. My GPA this semester, to me, is shit and I want to stay in the Honors Program at my school. I am on academic probation for the Honors Program and I will have to work my ass off to get the minimum 3.3 average needed to stay in the program.

9. Read more.
-I have a super long list of books that I want to read and it is always growing, which is good, but rarely do I ever knock books off of that list.

10. Write, and improve the way I do so.
-Just like my friend Michelle always blogs about wanting to write a book, I have always wanted to do so myself. I have had ideas before and I would write a little bit but after a few pages I would give up and discard the idea. I also need to improve my writing style because I feel it isn’t adequate enough.

I feel like there is so much more I want to do but right now I am drawing a blank. Ending my list at a nice even number seems like a good idea. I have more goals when it comes to running or just improving myself as a person and I guess it is all up to myself and how motivated I am to achieve all of these goals to actually be able to accomplish them. I don’t expect any of that “New year, New me” stuff where everything on my list is magically achieved before this time next year, but like I said earlier, even if something on my list gets a little check-mark that will be good enough for me.

Your friend,
That is wishing you all the best for the future

College: Changes and Growth

What’s this? A new blog post? YIPPEE!!!!
That is what I expect each and everyone one of you to be thinking right now.

Hello folks, did you miss me? I have not been able to blog or do much recently because I have started the chapter in my life known to most as college. Even though it is a little past midway through the semester I feel it is time to go into how my experience has been so far. That, and I am pretty sure there is some assignment that I am procrastinating on that I just don’t wanna start.

Well to begin I want to tell you that I started my school with a major in forensic science. This field is absolutely nothing like what you see on CSI, NCIS, and whatever other shows I don’t watch that have people supposedly doing forensic work. Now that you know my major, or now former major (keep reading to find out) I can tell you all my stories that have happened so far and how I have grown in a little more than two months.



That right there is what my schedule for this semester looks like, ignore the orange bits because it just repeats the green above and below it. As you can see I am booked with a bunch of different classes in a confusing mesh without much consistency. I am taking four classes but because two of those are sciences with lab, lecture, and recitation, it is more like eight. I’ll start off the easy ones though. English is only once a week and everyone in my class is either in the Honors Program at my school or part of the Macaulay Honors College branch at my school. Yeah, I am supposed to be a nerd. It was a mandatory class for all freshman Honors students to take. So far this is my best class. My teacher is great, she even brings snacks for us every week because she understands nobody wants a three hour class on a Friday. There is a lot of work but it is doable. Next I’ll mention Imperialism, which is my history class. I had to take a freshman year seminar and many of the options were either feminist or minority related. I just didn’t want to take those types classes and I do want to rule the world as dictator one day so I figured, if history repeats itself, I gotta learn it to do it (Joking… sorta…). This is my second best class and again I have a cool professor. He even gave me cookies on two occasions. The only issue that I have with him is the distracting amount of times he says “uh” or “um.” On one of the first days of class my friend from the Honors Program and I took a tally of how many times he said those words, the final number was 245 in an hour and 15 minute period. Other than that he is really cool and so is the course. I am doing pretty good in this class, I keep getting a point off here or there but nothing to worry about. I just wish I knew what the hell our final is on because that is the only test we take in this class.

Now that the fun ones are over lets enter what makes me miserable on a day to day basic. My science classes. “Wait, but didn’t you open up with you’re a forensic science major?” Yes I did. But boy are these classes rough. I am doing terribly in both bio and chem. I received a 66 and 78 on my two bio tests, the latter of which I almost went through the roof with joy when I saw it despite how low of a grade it is. I received an 84 and a 56 on my two chem tests. The first one was an absolute fluke and all the stars and planets in the Milky Way were aligned in the right order for that to happen because as I was taking the test I had no idea what was going on and I guessed on a majority of the questions. Sadly it seems that the professors must have planned to have all the tests within days of each other and with all of the other work that I have to do for labs and recitations as well as my two other classes, studying time is impossible to find and I cannot give the course work the dignity it deserves. For biology I have a cool professor for lecture, but the pace we are going at is insanely fast. We learn a chapter in a class or two and move on to the next and the tests are full of info from 5-6 chapters of difficult information. I am not too fond of my recitation or lab teachers because they tend to just make things more complicated than it already was. In chemistry I dislike my lecture teacher very much. I feel that he is not properly teaching the material which is already too difficult to understand. However my recitation and lab teachers are cool and I wish they taught lecture instead.

Extra school stuff
Back in high school I was involved in everything it seemed. I went from club meeting to club meeting and yet I actually had time to do my work. This year there are only two things I am part of: The Honors Program and the Cross Country team.

I got into the Honors Program before I started my classes and I am so glad that I did. Mainly for the perks it comes with, some are more obvious and some are more appreciative. The obvious perks I enjoy are: the free laptop, the exclusive lounges, (there are two but I mainly use the big one because that is where socializing happens), the scholarship, and the priority registration. Some other perks that I have learned are going to make a difference in the long run are: I have four different faculty members to help guide me (well, two are Macaulay specific but they will lend a helping hand to the regular Honors Program folks) through my four years, one of those is my academic adviser who actually gets to know me instead of just meet me once or twice a year, there is also the opportunity to learn of fellowships and internships that the upperclassmen have done as well as get their guidance in academic success, I also am guaranteed to be able to find people of intellect to have conversations with instead of the ignoramus population that seems to fill my grade (this is based off of a Facebook group for my graduating class where people post the dumbest of things), and finally I get to make [hopefully] lasting friendships. However, due to what I told you about in my paragraph on my science classes, I am worried about my ability to stay in this program because I have to maintain a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Luckily since I am a freshman I get a little bit of forgiveness if I don’t do well this semester, only if next semester I am able to boost my GPA average to the 3.3 or higher.

On cross country I could write an entire blog post in itself. I might actually do that soon. For now just know that I was worried at first of whether I would be able to get on the team and once I did I fell in love with the sport more than I ever did back in high school. I always enjoyed it for the three years I ran but now I truly love the sport and would not give it up. I also love the team, despite the fact that we are all assholes to each other. Cross country, when it was in season for me, did take up a lot of my time and even though I have absolutely no regrets of joining the team I do wonder how my grades would be doing if I didn’t make it or try out because I would have been able to dedicate more of that time to studying. I attended midday practice (12:15-2:50pm) practice three times a week, evening practice (5:45-7:45pm) once a week, and Fridays I also went to practice at 4:15-6:00ish. And I should mention that it takes about an hour and a half to get home from school.

Because of my schedule and cross country I did not work at the library for the past two months, only today did I finally go back. Because I am the only one at the library who actually organizes the books it was a complete mess when I got there.

Social life
After looking at my schedule and reading how time consuming cross country was I am sure you have gotten a sense that I have not gone out much this semester. If you didn’t figure that out then there you go, my social life is even more nonexistent than ever before. If it wasn’t for cross country and the honors program I would have made no new friends, or very little to be optimistic. My best friend does also attend the same school (and I hope you’re reading this, I know you’re subscribed…)  and we planned at first to try to meet weekly but that flopped and I am going to put the blame on myself because I choose forensic science and cross country and the honors program. I have seen her a few times very briefly but I have no clue how she is handling all of her work and how things just in general are going for her because I am that type of person who doesn’t contact people unless I have a specific reason and because of the lack of time. I have barely spoken to my other two closest friends, and I have no idea how all but one of my classmates from high school is doing besides what any of them post on Facebook, and even my parents have barely seen me despite the fact that I live at home. I am trapped inside my room doing work until 1am almost every morning, only to wake up at 6ish to get to school. I have had no time to watch all the shows that I have talked about in previous blog posts, I have no time to read leisurely, and I have barely practiced the drums all semester. And I wanted to join two other student clubs (newspaper and the music club).

Now that cross country is over the team is planning to hang out from time to time which I am looking forward to because, as I said earlier, I don’t contact people and I don’t want to lose those friendships. In the honors program I have to do some sort of volunteer work which, even though it is only for a short amount of time, cuts into study time or hanging out time, or even just relaxing alone time. I also have to attend boring workshops every now and then and also some cultural events, the latter of which are generally fun. I went to the Halloween parade in The Village and that was a blast. But I just want to be able to see my friends, old and new, and enjoy myself.

After reading all of that stuff that I just talked about from classes to extra school stuff to social life it probably seems like I am balancing a lot on my plate. And I am. Too much in fact. Which brings me to the final point of this post. I am not getting any enjoyment out of my major. At all. In fact I currently hate my science classes because of how stressed out I am. For the past two months I have kept this in, aside from rants on Twitter. But a couple of weeks ago I found myself looking at other majors that my college has to offer, because I do love my school. After a long internal battle and many life questioning tweets I finally talked to my mom and broke down in tears. I don’t remember the last time I legitimately cried (I say that because I tend to shed a tear when fictional characters I care about die in shows/books I like, not to mention the ending of Terminator 2 gets me almost every time) but the waterworks were going. All the bottled up stress just came out and my mom comforted me and, in a nutshell, said that if I really feel this way I should switch majors. The next day I immediately saw one of the Honors Program advisers and I was almost in tears again. After talking to her we picked out what courses I will be taking next semester because I am now a criminology major with a music minor. After my talk with her I felt like the weight of the world was lifted off of my shoulders and for the first time in weeks I felt excited and happy for my classes, well my next semester classes at least. The day after that I went to one of the offices at school and declared my new major. The next day was the tough part, telling my dad. He is a great guy, both of my parents truly are amazing, but I fear him when he is mad because he puts you down and makes you feel small. Like a little kid in trouble with the principal small. And guess what, he wasn’t happy to hear that I am struggling with science. He made me feel even worse about myself than I ever possibly thought I could. I know he means well, but he only cares about the end point and that is me finding a good paying job. He doesn’t care what it takes to get there or how much enjoyment is made in the process. As long as the bills are paid that is all that matters. Because of the way he spoke I was unable to tell him I officially switched my major but he does know that I am considering it. He will learn the truth soon enough. [Edit: I waited until I got all of my grades and then I wrote my father a four page letter explaining that I changed my major and all the reason why. When he finished reading it he told me that I should be a write and that he is not upset with me for my decision [:End edit].

Spring Schedule

This is my schedule for spring. I am so excited for it to start because the classes are more evenly spaced and even though it is 5 different subjects, it will be nowhere near as hard as what I would have had to do if I continued with forensic science. I don’t even remember how I chose that. I really wanted to do a music related career but I am smart enough to realize that I don’t have a chance in being successful with that and I would have never been able to convince my parents of it. I actually had to fight for forensic science in the first place because neither of my parents were for it. Oh well. The Criminology major, I have heard, will lead to some good opportunities. I can actually have internships and maybe even a life. The music minor will fulfill my dreams of at least learning what I should know if opportunity ever does knock in my favor. As of now I have no idea what my long term goals are but I am so much happier than I have been now that I know I won’t be suffering in science for the next four or more years.

When I started typing this I am sure I had a lot more to say but as usual I babbled, lost trains of thought, gained others, and it is midnight so I just want to go to bed. I hope what I said has made sense and thank you for reading my journey through college so far.

Your friend,
The college student


Spirit Week

Hello my amazing followers. I have not posted in a while, thank you for stating the obvious. That is why I pondered making a blog because I knew I was lazy but I am back. For now. Anyway, let’s get into business. This week in my school was spirit week, which in my school is a competition between the four grades. This week is both the best and worst week of the school year but let me take you through my four years of high school. (Also, I edit this as I go along so if things don’t flow I am sorry)

Just a FYI: Each grade in my school has a specific color that follows them for four years. This is the color of our gym shirts and the color that we have to base our theme off of for spirit week.

Freshman Year
My grade has the color yellow and so our theme had to be something related to the color yellow. We chose Sunny Day. As freshmen we had no idea what to do, but we did our best at it. We needed to make hallway decorations and it was yellow galore! We also had to make costumes and the people in the costume committee had us dress up like bees. Also we had to make a skit that related to our theme. Honestly, the skit was not good and nobody knew what was going on. Finally we had to re-write the lyrics of a song to make it cheesy and school spirity. I was on the song committee and I made the three people working with me chose We Will Rock You. They helped me write one stanza and also the chorus. Everything else I did on my own in one day because they didn’t show up. When it came down to spirit week we had to dress up on Tuesday-Thursday under a specific theme. Tuesday was kindergarten day, Wednesday was crazy hat day, and Thursday was 50s day. On Friday we had to wear our costumes and also that was the day we presented our songs and skits. We got points for cheering and even though during this year I hated my school, I was very competitive so I screamed and clapped until my friends sitting next to me went deaf. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had to decorate the hallway and my goodness our hallway looked amazing! All of the halls did but for freshmen, we did a pretty damn good job. Each hallways was a different color and it was awesome to see. Also, everyone participated in everything which was great. On spirit day we saw the seniors do their senior march, in which they incorporated their theme which was The Army. Their’s was my favorite of all the senior marches. The sophomores skit was my favorite, they had firemen and they incorporated a lot of comedy into it. The Juniors went all out with their costumes because they were blue cartoon characters and their costumes were which every Disney princess wore blue. But being very biased, my song was the best.

The results:  (3rd and 4th may be out of order)
First- Seniors (’11)
Second- Freshmen (’14)
Third- Juniors (’12)
Fourth- Sophomores (’13)

Sophomore year
This year my grade’s theme was Egyptian. This year we had not very good people on student council which resulted in a very bad turnout. Our hallway looked bad, our costumes were halfassed, less people participated in decorating, the skit wasn’t good (not everyone was ready in time for their ques and it also completely ripped off our school play that was a month before), and since I didn’t work on the song (walk like an Egyptian)  that year it was terrible. We stopped singing halfway through it. The dress up days were Hawaiian then animal day, and as of the time I am typing this I don’t remember the last day (if I do I will edit it in at a later date). The other grades did very good though. Freshman did the jungle, juniors did candy land, and seniors did aliens. I remember that when I tried cheering, nobody else in my grade cheered along so we lost a lot of point there. They all claimed that they would have spirit Senior year.

The results:
First- Seniors and Juniors (’12 and ’13)
Second- Freshmen (’15)
Third- Sophomores (’14)

Junior year
This year they decided to rip off our rival school with how we chose themes and also there were no more costumes, instead we only got t-shirts. Each grade had a different city and my grade had Rome. This year the hallways didn’t look as colorful which took away some of my joy. This year I did help on the song (That’s Amore) and I gotta say I did a damn good job at it. Not that anyone got to hear it because some other girl, who doesn’t play music and cannot write well, wrote another song and for whatever reason they chose that one. Again I think we stopped singing halfway through it. The skit also copied off of the school play again. The other grades again did a great job. I tried again to get my grade to cheer but it was hopeless. The other grades themes were if you’re wondering: Seniors- London, Sophomores- Greece, and Freshmen- Paris. I gotta also say, despite the fact that I have many friends from this grade, their senior march was my least favorite out of all the ones I saw. The only dress up day I remember from here was crazy feet day.

The results:
First- Seniors (’13)
Second- Freshmen (’16)
Third- Juniors (’14)
Fourth- Sophomores (’15)

Senior Year
The last spirit week. The year where my classmates promised to have spirit, but didn’t. This year our theme was decades and we got the ’20s. This year I completely took charge of the song and I did it to the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up. It was perfect, until I was told that we had to make it less school spirity and actually include the theme. I changed it a little after hearing this  (about a month after I wrote it) but today I saw that I didn’t change it enough. Our skit was alright, and I was actually in it this year because nobody wanted to help. We, of course, had the two lead roles mess up on their lines. Our march was okay, it went better than I thought it would have from looking at it during practice. The halls, all of them, I gotta say looked so dull. Plus the school gave us terrible tape that wouldn’t stick to anything but itself. And not everybody came to help decorate which made us lose points. On the actual spirit day I, as voted most school spirited, I did my best to lead all the grades in cheering and that worked out quite well, unless you were in my grade which always have been and always will be the party poopers. The other grades did a great job. The dress up days this time were day on the farm, half and half day, and old lady day. The other grade’s themes were: juniors- 60s, sophomores- 40s, freshmen- 50s.

The results:
First- Freshmen (’17)
Second- Sophomores (’16)
Third- Seniors (’14)
Fourth- Juniors (’15)

You do not know how disappointed I was on hearing those results. I mean yes, I love the freshmen and they did a great job. But my grade thought “oh seniors always win and who cares if we don’t.” Um no. I care and seniors aren’t guaranteed to win. I was so stressed and agitated this week, more than any other time throughout my high school experience and yet I didn’t get to jump up and hug my classmates on a job well done like I was planning. There are more things that factor into the spirit points than I listed here in my post but obviously my grade lacked in spirit and participation in all the areas possible and then some. I wish the best to the other grades, congrats freshman. And as of right now I hate my grade.

Your friend,
Deflated spirit

My Love Affair With Science

One thing that has been on going in my life is my love/hate relationship with science. This amazing mystical of the universe has been in my life for as long as I have lived, for both good and bad. I know many people who hate science and others who love it. Science intrigues me, but it has been somewhat of a struggle for me to give it the dignity it deserves. Let’s explore…

My journey begins in elementary school. I don’t remember when or why but around third or fourth grade I developed a huge fascination in astronomy. Every week when my teacher took my class to the library I would head straight to the science section and take out books on the planets or stars or meteors and everything else that is beyond my reach here on Earth. I even wanted to be an astronaut. When I had money to go to the school store I bought red alien finger puppets. Each one had a name and a brother, I bought them two at a time, and I carried them in my school bag every day.  I think I still have most of them. In fifth grade when we had a science fair we had to pick out of a hat what our topic would be. I got simple machines. To me that was extremely boring so my mom was able to convince my teacher to let me do constellations. I thought I did a good job with my board and presentation but the three winners from my class, and every other class, were boys. Don’t know why they didn’t pick one girl but whatever, glad I wasn’t (and still not) a feminist when that happened.

When I entered middle school things started to change. In sixth grade I had a terrible science teacher. He wasn’t that nice didn’t help me to understand science. Also, if I heard correctly, he was a perv. He apparently stared at the breasts of the girls in the front of the room and I even heard he followed a girl into the bathroom once. Luckily for me puberty hit a little later. Anyway, if I don’t have an interest in what is going on in class I don’t do my work to my full potential and that happened in this class, and in math too that year which I am sure didn’t help, but that is a different story. I passed both classes by the skin of my teeth and my interest in science died. I didn’t want to be an astronaut or do anything in the field of science. Seventh grade I had better teachers but still my interest in science was nowhere to be found. In eighth grade I went through my angsty phase that most teens/tweens go through and I hated basically everything, science included. As the year went on my seat moved from the middle of the room to the back. The three boys at my table all sucked terribly in science and I was actually doing good in the class again. Whenever we had a test I gave them enough answers to pass and my teacher never caught on. This helped me to start to like science at least a little again.

In high school science started to change for me. Freshman year I had biology and I gotta say, if anyone struggled with Regents Living Environment I feel really bad for you because nothing was easier than that. I did extremely well in that class and started to really like science again. Sophomore year I was able to skip over Earth science which I didn’t really mind, but I think at some point they learned about astronomy and I was a little sad not to have that chance because I still had a small interest in that. I went into chemistry. In class I had some good chapters where I really understood what was going on and other where I had no clue at all. In lab I did most of the work, never minding at all, for me and my partner because she was afraid of using the Bunsen burner and because I just had fun doing the stuff. I wasn’t the best at measurements, I just tried getting close to the amount of whatever I needed.  I didn’t do as well in this class as I did in biology but I passed and was happy. Junior year I had physics. Now this class it is vital you pay attention and don’t goof around. The complete opposite of what my classmates did and boy was that distracting. I had the most amazing physics teacher but because she’s easy going and fun everyone took advantage of her class and made me start to hate the people in my grade. We barely finished the course in time for the regents and never had a chance to review (I had the same teacher for math that year and I don’t think we even got close to the end of the curriculum). All I wanted to learn from that class was string theory, that never happened. At the end of the year the soon-to-be seniors were able to choose a couple of the classes they wanted to take and I picked Human Biology (a college course) and forensic science. Obviously science grew on me again. Sadly, forensic science was omitted in my senior year so instead they put me in psychology which I don’t particularly like but at least I have a nice teacher. Human bio is a more indepth class from freshman year bio and it is interesting. I am not best in the class like I was freshman year but I am doing pretty good in it.

Next year I enter college and I want to major in Forensic science and minor in music. As you can see my hatred for science that I developed in sixth grade has died away. Forensic science is not going to be easy, I am going to have to take biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, quantitative analysis, and much more. These courses are going to be more in depth than any of my high school courses and yet I am excited for it. I want to better my knowledge in the field of science. I want to understand the world around me, big and small. From quantum physics to nanotechnology, it is all amazing stuff that I feel should be seen as more of an importance in young students. I was lucky to get back into the groove with science, but not without missed opportunities. In freshman year I was offered to partake in science research in my school but I decided against it. I could have had so many college credits (which going into a field of science I probably couldn’t use) and I could have had a chance to increase my knowledge and understanding of science. Also, had I not giving up with wanting to be an astronaut or do something in science when I was young I could have had the chance to participate in more science related activities outside of school. That would have been a fun and educating experience. But we can’t change the past and at least now I have a good relationship with science again.

Your friend,
The mad scientist

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