Contradiction is my style

Adventure Awaits… And I Need to Catch Up

Hello hello hello my peoples!

I haven’t had a babble in a while so I feel that a meaningless post is well overdue.

I like exploring. Except for foods, I like to try new things. Sticking to a routine is fine and all, but it gets so dull and boring doing the same things day in and day out. I always want to travel to different places, within New York City and to places all over. However it always seems like when I do go outside of my house I go to the same exact places all the time and do the same exact things. I want to expand my horizons and do new things but I feel so limited due to several reasons:

  • My parents- as much as they want me to get out of the house and do new things they always want me to do stuff with them or with other people and they always want to take me to the exact location that I will be. Not that this is a bad thing or anything, they care about me and all, but it feels restricting because sometimes I just want to do things by myself because not many, or none at all, of my friends share some of my interests and I feel bad dragging people into things they don’t want to actually do which in turn makes the activity less fun. Plus, since my parents drive me everywhere I have no idea how to get around to different places. You’d think because I live in NYC that I am a master at using public transportation. Well I’m not. My parents don’t see that the only way I will go out and enjoy myself more is if they loosen the reins a little bit. My brother when he was my age and even when he was well younger was always going out by himself to go meet friends or to go to the gym and what-have-you. My mom even drives me to my best friend’s house when we hang out there and it is only 3 blocks away but my friend always walks to my house when we hang out here. I just want to be able to explore on my own more and actually see what is around me.
  • Money/time- As a college student, despite having a job for the past three years, who really has the expenses to do different things? Sure I could find cheap/free activities around the city but those are usually for people in the know, which I am not. And forget about traveling outside of the city; I don’t drive nor do I have the means to afford tickets for trains, boats, planes, helicopters, teleportation machines, etc.
  • My interests- Like I said before my interests are somewhat strange and I don’t have too many friends that like a lot of the things I like. Example? I absolutely love renaissance and medieval things but I can’t really think of people who have as strong of an interest in that stuff as I do. Sure a couple of people might think it is cool but what I would want to do is go to a renaissance faire in full garb and watch all of the actors do their thing and more. And another thing I would want to do is just walk around the streets of Manhattan with no destination in mind and see what there is to see. Every time I go into the city for fun instead of for school the people I am with always seem so rushed to get to a certain place or they just want to sit and talk, which is alright but there is so much more to do. There are many other things that I would be interested in doing but doubt any of my friends have the same wishes.
  • Myself- Yep, like I wrote about in another post I am really lazy. Plus it is easy to get stuck inside of a rut and not move outside of my comfort zone. Despite my wanting to do so much more I decide against it for whatever reasons and just stick to what I already know.

Is anything going to change now that I have all of this spelled out in front of me? I doubt it. Maybe one day I will see the world. Maybe one day I will try new things. Maybe one day I will knock off items of the lists of foods I never had or movies I never watched (believe me, those are VERY long lists). But as of now it seems that adventure will be waiting for a long time.

Sometimes I do get the opportunity to go to new places, whether it is with friends or through my school. When this happens I am like a little kid; I run all over the place (I am the very reason why “The Buddy System” has to be put into place because I always end up breaking it) looking into every nook and cranny to see what I can find. If I am in a hotel for a night I usually cannot sleep and I do not think this is due to being in a different bed, but because I am so full of excitement from being in a new place.

I actually applied for a fellowship that I hope I get because if I do then this summer I will go on a 20 day backpacking trip in Wyoming during August. Then the next two summers I will have internships, the first summer can be local if I want and the next summer can be anywhere internationally (I believe). How awesome would all of that be?!? [Edit:] I didn’t get the fellowship [:End edit].

Another thing I wanted to mention was maps. I felt like this fits somewhat with this post. I love maps. Ever since 6th grade social studies when I had a really cool teacher who didn’t really teach. My friends and I would do our work and then we would open the textbook to the back where the maps of the world were and play ISpy with the different cities on the maps. Although I have a terrible perception of different places (e.g. distances of places as well as the general topography of upstate New York) I do love reading maps. Older maps with old border lines are even cooler to see because it shows you how things have changed. I also love it when books start off with a map because I like to flip back and forth to see where the characters are. Geography in general is just really interesting to me. In one of the Honors Program lounges there is a big map of Africa, but I think it is somewhat of an older map because of the names of the territories, and I always like just looking at it and seeing what I can find because with maps, no matter how much I look at them, I always find something new and cool. My friends from my high school cross country team always said I should do something with geography because I would always inform them when the hills were coming and where to go next in our runs. Actually when I was thinking of changing my major the first one I looked at in my school was global history because that stuff is really cool but I realized that the only profession I could get with that is a teacher/professor which I have absolutely no interest in. But yeah, maps are really cool whether they show the borders of countries/counties/states/etc. or the maps that show the physical surface of different lands, I love it. This is probably another reason why I want to explore so much because looking at maps, along with many other reasons but this seems logical to me.

Like I said at the beginning, this post had no real purpose other than for me to babble so I shall end it here.

Your friend,
With an arrow to the knee


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