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Summer Shows

Hello all four of you! Are you ready to read another exciting installment of me babbling and forgetting what I originally wanted to say when I started this post? I hope so, because that’s about to happen!

Spring and fall. Two seasons which hold you captive to your couch because all your favorite shows are on. Sure some take place during the winter too but many shows take a hiatus during the holiday season as so not to lose viewers (although with my shows that always seems to backfire). As May rolls around and shows get renewed/cancelled (still not going to let Revolution go) and the season/series finals come upon us we are left in despair because for the next three months, or longer for some shows. We will have to go on with our daily lives without wondering what is going to happen next week on the talking box. Some people go on vacation, some people get jobs, others take summer courses, but there are the few, like me, that stay inside all day. Now watching Jerry Springer reruns are entertaining, but my mind turns to mush after about ten minutes. Luckily the big networks realize they need to fill the empty time slots with something other than a news broadcast and they create……. wait for it…….. wait for it……… SUMMER TV SHOWS! *cheering! excitement!*

I have realized that some of these summer shows, which are usually forgotten about and don’t really have a chance of surviving, are really good. Or the commercials make them really good and I have my DVR set to record them. And then there are the ones that I could care less about which are the ones that do get renewed because the TV people like to watch me suffer.  Some of the shows that are airing now that I enjoy are: Black Box, The Legend Of Korra, Dominion, The Wil Wheaten Project, The leftovers, and Defiance. Some shows that haven’t aired yet (or I forgot to check my DVR) are: Extant, The Surge, and The Bridge. And finally, two shows that I am going to mention that I don’t watch are TeenWolf and Under the Dome. Now is for the fun part where I go into detail about all of these shows for no reason other than I don’t know how to blog.

Black Box is surprisingly not a sci-fi show but I enjoy it. It follows the day to day lif of a woman who works in neuroscience. She has Bi-Polar disorder which she has to keep secret from almost everyone. Dr. Black, our protagonist, is engaged to a man who wants to live a peaceful live and she is cheating on him with a surgeon she works with and drama unfolds. She also has a daughter but not wanting to be like her whack-a-do mom she let her brother and his wife adopt the kid so that she can still see her daughter and be in her life without screwing her up. I am really bad with pronouns. [Edit:] Sadly this show did not get renewed, it left off with a little bit of a cliff-hanger but I wont dread on it [:End edit].

Legend Of Korra is the steampunk-esque sequel to Avatar The Last Airbender which was my all time favorite cartoon growing up. It didn’t start as a summer show but I guess it was only able to manage a time slot for this season during these months. Like everyone, I believe ATLA was way better but I like how this show is too. There are some clichés that get annoying or some things that I am waiting to get fixed but all in all I find it a pretty good and exciting show. [Edit: This show has now come to an end, finishing up with four great seasons [:End edit].

Dominion is a futuristic show where angels decided to slaughter us and there is only one good guy angel who has kept the humans alive to fight another day. It’s not the best show but it is interesting. Plus, the guy who plays Nathan in Repo! The Genetic Opera (one of the best movies EVER) is in the show and he is one of the human bad guys.

The Wil Wheaten Project. Syfy’s 30 minutes a week to keep up with all things sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. It is in a comedy show format and I enjoy Wil’s commentary very much. And yes it is one L, not two. I wish that that show was able to take up an hour time slot so that more could be put into it but since this is only the first season Syfy probably wanted to test it out and see how people would react. [Edit:] Sadly this show did not get renewed [:End edit].

The Leftovers is a show on HBO which depicts some small town America after some sort of judgement day/rapture occurred. All season it was a pretty complex show but it was very exciting seeing how everyone was affected by the loss of their loved ones. The main characters were a family that has since been torn apart. They didn’t lose anyone in particular in the rapture thingy but each member of the family saw someone disappear and each of the family members have dealt with it in different ways.

Defiance is a show that I mentioned in an earlier post. It is about a futuristic Earth where aliens and humans live side by side. This season is much darker and complex than the last season was and there are many more mysteries that are about. This can also be due to the fact that I binge-watched the first season and I have realized that binge watching has a way different effect on a show than watching it week by week when it is on.

Now for the shows that have yet to air. Extant looks like another alien show. The Surge looks like a zombie apocalypse show that isn’t The Walking Dead. and The Bridge just looks plain creepy. If I had waited a week or two for these shows to air I would have more info on them but oh well.

Now to the shows I don’t watch.

Teen Wolf I am only mentioning it because one of my friends on Facebook updates her status every minute when she watches tv and during the week she shares way too many pictures of the cast members and such. I think that werewolves and vampires have been played out for the next three decades (zombies are getting close to that point too) and also, anything that starts with Teen or has teen in their title just can’t be that good. I don’t care how hot the actors are (or aren’t). This is not a show for me.

Under the Dome is supposed to be based off Stephen King’s book but isn’t. The directors wanted to take this excellent 1074 paged book that I read in about a month to prepare for the show and butcher it up in tiny pieces and make their own story out of the ruins. And Mr. King is pleased with it! I only watched 1.5 episodes last season before I couldn’t take it and gave up. They made someone who was completely innocent in the story kill someone within the first ten minutes of the series. That should have been the moment I stopped watching but instead I tried to give it a chance to see if it would improve. It didn’t. I know that the book only lasts a week and they wanted to make the show last longer than that but come on, so many things were changed and it disgusts me. And that folks is why you don’t read the book before seeing the tv/movie adaptation (I wont listen to my own advice).

And there you have it, a list of some of the summer shows that I have noticed these past few weeks. I figure I should mention that my brother and dad are enjoying this season’s 24 very much. If one or both of the last two paragraphs upset you  I don’t and never will care (yes I know at least one of you reading this is offended by the Teen Wolf thing but you should know me by now and I wont get in the way of you continuing to watch that show). Are there any summer shows that you like that you hope gets renewed or even placed into regular programming? I just remembered that last summer I watched a show called Siberia that probably will not get renewed because of low ratings, but what can you do?


[Edit]: I came in here to fix some typos but I decided to update you all on my summer show watching. Extant proved to be an excellent show and may be having it’s season finale soon. The Surge was actually a vampire show and it was kinda confusing so I gave up watching it. The Bridge turned out to be a second season so I didn’t bother with that. And finally I will add four and a half more shows to this list (I say a half cause one is just reruns of a show that I missed during regular season but season 2 will return in October).

The Quest is a reality show with a fantasy plot. 12 paladins are brought to the kingdom of Everrealm and they have to train and go through missions to see who is the one true hero to wield the Sun Spear and save the kingdom from the evil creature Verlox.

Welcome To Sweden and You’re the Worst are two comedies that I decided to watch out of nowhere and I find them very funny. Both of them have been renewed. The Sweden one is about a man who has a Swedish girlfriend. He decides to pack up his lucrative life in New York and move to the Scandinavian land from which his girlfriend hails. You’re the worst is about two people living in LA who hook up after a wedding they were invited to and have a pretty rock relationship. Also, I binged-watched for two days on Growing Up Fisher which was cancelled on NBC but was still on demand. It was about a boy whose blind father and neurotic (but not blind) mother got a divorce and it was a pretty funny show.

And the “half” show is The 100. Another scifi post apocalypse show. This is a show about 100 teenagers who were prisoners on a spaceship 97 years in the future. They were sent down to Earth to see if it was survivable but what they didn’t know is that there were still people alive somehow on the planet. Each episode is extremely intense. :[End edit]

Your friend,
Who should be doing more with her summer than watching television


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