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I am back! Now that introductions are over let’s get into this.

In the beginning of May every TV show is thrown under the bus to see who will survive and who will never again have a new episode. During this time I was more petrified about the fate of my shows rather than the final exams I should have been concerned with. And I had reason to be this way if you remember one of my earlier blog posts. Some shows that I watch (mainly non-scifi shows) were renewed, whether it was mentioned in this May or at some other point in the year. I am going to list them: Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, The Following, Resurrection, Game of Throne (yeah I finally started that), Vikings, Helix, Defiance, American Horror Story, and Survivor. Two other shows that I watch that I am unsure of as of now to their fates are Twisted (I have to have some stupid girly shows), and That Metal Show [Edit:] Twisted was cancelled, That Metal Show has returned [:End edit].

Anyway, now that you have seen my long list of TV shows you must be wondering, why is this post called “Cancelled”? Well if you look closely at the list above and at the list on my old blog post you may see four shows missing. Those shows are Almost Human, Intelligence, Believe, and sadly my beloved Revolution. I will now go into each of them.

Almost Human was the first one I found out to be cancelled. I was devastated because this was an excellent show. It wasn’t just sci-fi but it was also comedy and a drama. You got to see how John and Dorian evolved into a great friendship and crime solving buddies. The show didn’t end on a cliff-hanger which is always a good thing but many of the episodes throughout had left some things a little open ended to make part two episodes in the future and there are still some mysteries that were never solved. This show seemed very promising and I guess just not enough people wanted to watch it, I don’t understand why though.

Intelligence was the last of these to give the news on it’s cancellation. Intelligence is actually the one I am least sad about going off air, but it was still a great show. Like Almost Human, this show did not end with a cliff-hanger. There wasn’t as many, if any at all, mysteries left to be discovered in a second season but they could have dived further into expanding the character stories if it continued. With this show it is kinda easy to leave as it ended or to imagine the path it seemed like the writers were heading towards if that’s what you want. All and all it was a good show, it just didn’t have enough people to appreciate it.

Believe. This show didn’t get it’s own paragraph in the No Hope For SciFi post because it wasn’t on air yet but I did mention it. This show is about a girl with telekinesis powers who needs to be protected while her abilities grow stronger because there are some people who want to use her powers as government weapons. The girl, Bo, has a heart of gold and wants to help everyone who is in need of a hand. She has a team around her that each have a specialty in doing their best to keep her safe. The team helps break William Tate out of prison (count of two murders he didn’t commit) and makes him Bo’s protector because he is her father (although the two of the don’t find out until later). Over ten million people watched the first episode but from then it dropped and kept dropping until it came below the dreaded five million mark, probably because it was on at the same time as Game Of Thrones and Resurrection. Luckily this show also did not end with a cliff-hanger and everything seemed to be resolved, but it was still a pretty nice show.

And now we get into the one that made me the saddest of them all. Revolution. My beloved show that already had an entire blog post dedicated to it. For whatever reason NBC kept making this show have unnecessary breaks in between episodes. I understood the breaks from the Olympics but after that, they were pointless. Because of these breaks people didn’t know when it was on and I am sure that is the reason Revolution didn’t survive. All season the show was teetering on the fence between renew or cancel and sadly it fell to the wrong side. Also another thing that I think doomed this show was switching it’s time card from Mondays at 10pm to Wednesdays at 8pm. There are many online petitions trying to relocate and save Revolution. Although they basically never work I am being optimistic and hoping that this time they do. If you would be so kind to email or notify somehow Eric Kripke and the people of Netflix to let there be a season three of Revolution, I would be extremely grateful. I let Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles go (mainly because I didn’t know there were petitions to save it), I am not letting this one leave without a fight. Sadly, out of all the shows that I watched that were cancelled, this was the only one that ended on a cliff-hanger, just like TSCC did, and now I’ll never know what was to happen.

After reading all of that and seeing my list of renewed shows you must be thinking something along the lines of “You have so many other shows to watch, what difference does it make that these four didn’t get renewed?” and to you people I simply say shut up and I am greedy and passionate about the shows I watch and I want them all to go on for a long time. And I guess that is all for now.

Your friend,
Who is going to cry in the corner and complain about my shows being cancelled to everyone who passes by


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