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Spirit Week

Hello my amazing followers. I have not posted in a while, thank you for stating the obvious. That is why I pondered making a blog because I knew I was lazy but I am back. For now. Anyway, let’s get into business. This week in my school was spirit week, which in my school is a competition between the four grades. This week is both the best and worst week of the school year but let me take you through my four years of high school. (Also, I edit this as I go along so if things don’t flow I am sorry)

Just a FYI: Each grade in my school has a specific color that follows them for four years. This is the color of our gym shirts and the color that we have to base our theme off of for spirit week.

Freshman Year
My grade has the color yellow and so our theme had to be something related to the color yellow. We chose Sunny Day. As freshmen we had no idea what to do, but we did our best at it. We needed to make hallway decorations and it was yellow galore! We also had to make costumes and the people in the costume committee had us dress up like bees. Also we had to make a skit that related to our theme. Honestly, the skit was not good and nobody knew what was going on. Finally we had to re-write the lyrics of a song to make it cheesy and school spirity. I was on the song committee and I made the three people working with me chose We Will Rock You. They helped me write one stanza and also the chorus. Everything else I did on my own in one day because they didn’t show up. When it came down to spirit week we had to dress up on Tuesday-Thursday under a specific theme. Tuesday was kindergarten day, Wednesday was crazy hat day, and Thursday was 50s day. On Friday we had to wear our costumes and also that was the day we presented our songs and skits. We got points for cheering and even though during this year I hated my school, I was very competitive so I screamed and clapped until my friends sitting next to me went deaf. On Tuesday and Wednesday we had to decorate the hallway and my goodness our hallway looked amazing! All of the halls did but for freshmen, we did a pretty damn good job. Each hallways was a different color and it was awesome to see. Also, everyone participated in everything which was great. On spirit day we saw the seniors do their senior march, in which they incorporated their theme which was The Army. Their’s was my favorite of all the senior marches. The sophomores skit was my favorite, they had firemen and they incorporated a lot of comedy into it. The Juniors went all out with their costumes because they were blue cartoon characters and their costumes were which every Disney princess wore blue. But being very biased, my song was the best.

The results:  (3rd and 4th may be out of order)
First- Seniors (’11)
Second- Freshmen (’14)
Third- Juniors (’12)
Fourth- Sophomores (’13)

Sophomore year
This year my grade’s theme was Egyptian. This year we had not very good people on student council which resulted in a very bad turnout. Our hallway looked bad, our costumes were halfassed, less people participated in decorating, the skit wasn’t good (not everyone was ready in time for their ques and it also completely ripped off our school play that was a month before), and since I didn’t work on the song (walk like an Egyptian)  that year it was terrible. We stopped singing halfway through it. The dress up days were Hawaiian then animal day, and as of the time I am typing this I don’t remember the last day (if I do I will edit it in at a later date). The other grades did very good though. Freshman did the jungle, juniors did candy land, and seniors did aliens. I remember that when I tried cheering, nobody else in my grade cheered along so we lost a lot of point there. They all claimed that they would have spirit Senior year.

The results:
First- Seniors and Juniors (’12 and ’13)
Second- Freshmen (’15)
Third- Sophomores (’14)

Junior year
This year they decided to rip off our rival school with how we chose themes and also there were no more costumes, instead we only got t-shirts. Each grade had a different city and my grade had Rome. This year the hallways didn’t look as colorful which took away some of my joy. This year I did help on the song (That’s Amore) and I gotta say I did a damn good job at it. Not that anyone got to hear it because some other girl, who doesn’t play music and cannot write well, wrote another song and for whatever reason they chose that one. Again I think we stopped singing halfway through it. The skit also copied off of the school play again. The other grades again did a great job. I tried again to get my grade to cheer but it was hopeless. The other grades themes were if you’re wondering: Seniors- London, Sophomores- Greece, and Freshmen- Paris. I gotta also say, despite the fact that I have many friends from this grade, their senior march was my least favorite out of all the ones I saw. The only dress up day I remember from here was crazy feet day.

The results:
First- Seniors (’13)
Second- Freshmen (’16)
Third- Juniors (’14)
Fourth- Sophomores (’15)

Senior Year
The last spirit week. The year where my classmates promised to have spirit, but didn’t. This year our theme was decades and we got the ’20s. This year I completely took charge of the song and I did it to the tune of Never Gonna Give You Up. It was perfect, until I was told that we had to make it less school spirity and actually include the theme. I changed it a little after hearing this  (about a month after I wrote it) but today I saw that I didn’t change it enough. Our skit was alright, and I was actually in it this year because nobody wanted to help. We, of course, had the two lead roles mess up on their lines. Our march was okay, it went better than I thought it would have from looking at it during practice. The halls, all of them, I gotta say looked so dull. Plus the school gave us terrible tape that wouldn’t stick to anything but itself. And not everybody came to help decorate which made us lose points. On the actual spirit day I, as voted most school spirited, I did my best to lead all the grades in cheering and that worked out quite well, unless you were in my grade which always have been and always will be the party poopers. The other grades did a great job. The dress up days this time were day on the farm, half and half day, and old lady day. The other grade’s themes were: juniors- 60s, sophomores- 40s, freshmen- 50s.

The results:
First- Freshmen (’17)
Second- Sophomores (’16)
Third- Seniors (’14)
Fourth- Juniors (’15)

You do not know how disappointed I was on hearing those results. I mean yes, I love the freshmen and they did a great job. But my grade thought “oh seniors always win and who cares if we don’t.” Um no. I care and seniors aren’t guaranteed to win. I was so stressed and agitated this week, more than any other time throughout my high school experience and yet I didn’t get to jump up and hug my classmates on a job well done like I was planning. There are more things that factor into the spirit points than I listed here in my post but obviously my grade lacked in spirit and participation in all the areas possible and then some. I wish the best to the other grades, congrats freshman. And as of right now I hate my grade.

Your friend,
Deflated spirit


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