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No Hope For SciFi

The next sentence is complete fact and totally not just my opinion. Science Fiction is by far the best genre there is for television, movies, and books. Ok, now that we got the obvious out of the way let’s get into this. Everyone loves themselves a little scifi, despite what my English teacher says. Sadly, science fiction shows always have to fight and climb their way to get a large audience. Despite how amazing these shows are, the ratings always seem to be terrible. And sadly television prefers quantity over quality. Due to this, many shows that I and many other dedicated fans love get cancelled.

This upsets me very much because so many shows like Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Tiaras get renewed season after season and they have no point. Then you have shows that run for long periods of time and after a certain amount of seasons they decide to wrap things up on their own before they overstay their welcome (although some shows that run on forever just need to end), like 24 and House. But with many scifi shows they never get that chance. The show might have one or two seasons and you know they are going to do so much more with it and it will all make sense and be amazing, but because only 5 million people watch it they don’t get  a chance to get to where they want to be. Many shows I enjoy watching are on the chopping block due to low viewer ratings. And a few shows I enjoyed very much either were cancelled or have no hope for another season. I will now list some of these shows. I am going in no particular order.

Almost Human– This is a show on Fox right now what takes place in the year 2048. It is about a police force where it is required for every human cop to have a robot cop as a partner. Our main character, John Kennax, isn’t a fan of the synthetic cops but he deals with his partner Dorian. The show is mainly about the two solving cases and their growing friendship but there is just so much that the show can do. Technology has advanced like crazy and we have yet to see everything that there is. There is also so much that the show teases us with, different things that deserve back stories or more development but you can tell the writers are trying not to trap themselves in a corner with what they are going to do in the future of the show. Instead they just give us little tastes. Sadly, I think these little teases are all that we are going to get because there are rumors that this show may not get a season two. This show has so much potential and hopefully Fox or some other network can see that and look past the fact that the lowest viewed episode had 7.92 viewers (combination of live and DVR viewings).

Intelligence– This was supposedly made to compete against Almost Human.  They both air on Mondays but this show is on a little later at night and is on CBS. This show follows Gabriel Vaughn who works for U.S. Cyber Command. He has a chip implanted in his head that lets him access the information grid. He and his assigned special agent protector, Riley Neal, are placed on tip top secret missions and they have to save the day. This show is also on the development of the friendship between our two main characters as well as learning the secrets of the government. Sadly this show too is on the chopping block after a serious plunge in views from episode one to episode two and a steady decline that all shows seem to face, especially my beloved scifi.

Revolution– I am sure all three of my followers have read my post on Revolution, and if you have not you can click on the link I provided to learn what this show is about. This epic show’s fate is sadly up in the air as of now as to whether it will get a season three or not. I demand that everyone else should demand to NBC to continue this awesome show!!

Defiance– This is a show that takes place on Earth in the future. It wouldn’t seem like we are still on this planet because many different species of aliens are living along with the humans. There was a war in the past between humans and “Votans” alike but they decided to end the war and live peacefully together. There is many new strange technologies, and most of the technology we have now doesn’t work anymore. This show mainly follows a man named Josh Nolan and his adopted alien daughter who travel to what was formally St. Louis but is now called Defiance. It is an awesome show on SyFy.

Siberia- This show had me until the very end of the first episode believing that it was a real reality show. Out of all these shows it seems the least science fictiony but none the less it fits here. 16 strangers are brought to Siberia and there are no rules whatsoever.  Whoever makes it to the end of winter will split the $1,000,000 grand prize. It was a good show to watch during the summer on NBC but it had very low views, the highest being 3.07million so I am sure, despite the cliff hanger ending, there will not be a season two.

FlashFoward– This show has already been cancelled, despite the awesome one and only season and cliff hanger ending. It was about these FBI agents trying to figure out what caused everyone in the world to blackout and for 137 seconds have a dream of an event that was going to take place in six months time. It was loosely based off a book which I will one day read to find out what was supposed to happen. This ABC show had pretty good views in the beginning of the show, but then they went on a rather long hiatus during the end of the year holidays and this affected ratings to be around 5 million an episode. I still would like to know how the show would have continued if they had a chance but I know that isn’t going to happen.

V– I am talking about the 2009 TV series with this one because this was also based off a book and it and it had a TV show before I was born. This show had two seasons on ABC before it was cancelled. It was about an alien race coming to America in big ships, promising only peace and prosperity with the humans. The main character of the show, who is played by the same person who is Rachel Matheson in Revolution, is an FBI agent who does not trust the aliens suspects they are up to no good, and it is slowly revealed that she and her merry group of rebels are right but they cannot prove it to the rest of the human race. The cliff hanger ending to this show will never be solved, but at least it was a little less mysterious than other shows and you have a little bit better chance of imagining what would have happened if the show continued.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles– If you want to push my buttons in anyway, just remind me that this show is cancelled. Until Revolution came out this was my all-time favorite tv show and this is what got me into the Terminator franchise. I love Terminator and this show did not deserve to end. This show followed a teenage John Connor a few years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day took place. He and his mom, Sarah Connor, believe that they were able to avoid the future war between man and machine until a terminator, Cameron, shows up to protect John from a new terminator programmed to terminate him. This show was amazing but sadly the average amount of views were cut in half from season one to season two and that caused Fox to terminate the best show of the 2000s. Many fans tried fighting for a season three and I am still patiently waiting for that to happen but it has been too many years. The creator has vowed to never reveal what he was planning to do if the show continued and that makes him so so evil. A new Terminator trilogy and TV show is going to take place and I am not so sure how I feel with is being rebooted. I just want TSCC to return!!!

Helix- Another show from Syfy, this one follows a group of CDC scientists at a place called Arctic Biosystems, a place for scientific discovery. They were called upon to deal with a mysterious disease that showed up in a couple of the scientists. The cause of the disease is unclear and not all of the infected are able to be contained which results in an outbreak. Also, the man in charge of Arctic Biosystems isn’t completely honest with his guests which eventually leads to everyone distrusting everyone else.

As you have seen these are all the scifi shows I watch/watched that I could think of off the top of my head. All of them deserve to continue but sadly they all aren’t going to get that chance. A new show is coming out on  NBC in March called Believe and that looks cool too, you bet I will be watching that. The same guy who is executive producer of Revolution and Almost  Human is executive producer of Believe. You go J.J. Abrams! Anyway, I truly love scifi and I want to expand my scifi knowledge (believe it or not but I never saw Star Wars or Star Trek, along with many other popular scifi movies/tv shows) and I just wish that these television networks would give science fiction a chance. Scifi fans may be few, but boy are they loyal.

Your Friend,
The bitter scifi fan


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