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My Love Affair With Science

One thing that has been on going in my life is my love/hate relationship with science. This amazing mystical of the universe has been in my life for as long as I have lived, for both good and bad. I know many people who hate science and others who love it. Science intrigues me, but it has been somewhat of a struggle for me to give it the dignity it deserves. Let’s explore…

My journey begins in elementary school. I don’t remember when or why but around third or fourth grade I developed a huge fascination in astronomy. Every week when my teacher took my class to the library I would head straight to the science section and take out books on the planets or stars or meteors and everything else that is beyond my reach here on Earth. I even wanted to be an astronaut. When I had money to go to the school store I bought red alien finger puppets. Each one had a name and a brother, I bought them two at a time, and I carried them in my school bag every day.  I think I still have most of them. In fifth grade when we had a science fair we had to pick out of a hat what our topic would be. I got simple machines. To me that was extremely boring so my mom was able to convince my teacher to let me do constellations. I thought I did a good job with my board and presentation but the three winners from my class, and every other class, were boys. Don’t know why they didn’t pick one girl but whatever, glad I wasn’t (and still not) a feminist when that happened.

When I entered middle school things started to change. In sixth grade I had a terrible science teacher. He wasn’t that nice didn’t help me to understand science. Also, if I heard correctly, he was a perv. He apparently stared at the breasts of the girls in the front of the room and I even heard he followed a girl into the bathroom once. Luckily for me puberty hit a little later. Anyway, if I don’t have an interest in what is going on in class I don’t do my work to my full potential and that happened in this class, and in math too that year which I am sure didn’t help, but that is a different story. I passed both classes by the skin of my teeth and my interest in science died. I didn’t want to be an astronaut or do anything in the field of science. Seventh grade I had better teachers but still my interest in science was nowhere to be found. In eighth grade I went through my angsty phase that most teens/tweens go through and I hated basically everything, science included. As the year went on my seat moved from the middle of the room to the back. The three boys at my table all sucked terribly in science and I was actually doing good in the class again. Whenever we had a test I gave them enough answers to pass and my teacher never caught on. This helped me to start to like science at least a little again.

In high school science started to change for me. Freshman year I had biology and I gotta say, if anyone struggled with Regents Living Environment I feel really bad for you because nothing was easier than that. I did extremely well in that class and started to really like science again. Sophomore year I was able to skip over Earth science which I didn’t really mind, but I think at some point they learned about astronomy and I was a little sad not to have that chance because I still had a small interest in that. I went into chemistry. In class I had some good chapters where I really understood what was going on and other where I had no clue at all. In lab I did most of the work, never minding at all, for me and my partner because she was afraid of using the Bunsen burner and because I just had fun doing the stuff. I wasn’t the best at measurements, I just tried getting close to the amount of whatever I needed.  I didn’t do as well in this class as I did in biology but I passed and was happy. Junior year I had physics. Now this class it is vital you pay attention and don’t goof around. The complete opposite of what my classmates did and boy was that distracting. I had the most amazing physics teacher but because she’s easy going and fun everyone took advantage of her class and made me start to hate the people in my grade. We barely finished the course in time for the regents and never had a chance to review (I had the same teacher for math that year and I don’t think we even got close to the end of the curriculum). All I wanted to learn from that class was string theory, that never happened. At the end of the year the soon-to-be seniors were able to choose a couple of the classes they wanted to take and I picked Human Biology (a college course) and forensic science. Obviously science grew on me again. Sadly, forensic science was omitted in my senior year so instead they put me in psychology which I don’t particularly like but at least I have a nice teacher. Human bio is a more indepth class from freshman year bio and it is interesting. I am not best in the class like I was freshman year but I am doing pretty good in it.

Next year I enter college and I want to major in Forensic science and minor in music. As you can see my hatred for science that I developed in sixth grade has died away. Forensic science is not going to be easy, I am going to have to take biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, quantitative analysis, and much more. These courses are going to be more in depth than any of my high school courses and yet I am excited for it. I want to better my knowledge in the field of science. I want to understand the world around me, big and small. From quantum physics to nanotechnology, it is all amazing stuff that I feel should be seen as more of an importance in young students. I was lucky to get back into the groove with science, but not without missed opportunities. In freshman year I was offered to partake in science research in my school but I decided against it. I could have had so many college credits (which going into a field of science I probably couldn’t use) and I could have had a chance to increase my knowledge and understanding of science. Also, had I not giving up with wanting to be an astronaut or do something in science when I was young I could have had the chance to participate in more science related activities outside of school. That would have been a fun and educating experience. But we can’t change the past and at least now I have a good relationship with science again.

Your friend,
The mad scientist


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