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Due to the fact that I don’t feel like studying for my midterms which are tomorrow and also since Revolution isn’t having another episode until after the Olympics I felt that I should share with you my favorite TV show on air. Note, I will do my best to not have any serious, show ruining spoilers but no promises.

Two years ago while I was complaining about NBC screwing up with when they aired the events of the summer Olympics I kept seeing commercials for a new show called Revolution. It looked pretty good and I planned to watch it. I missed the first episode on TV so I found it on NBC’s website and I have been hooked ever since. I will now spoil the first five minutes of the show (Yes I am aware of what I wrote in the first paragraph).

Revolution takes place in America 15 years after a worldwide blackout turned off everything with electricity. TV, cars, batteries to flashlights, anything and everything. The show begins with the Matheson family at home, Rachel Matheson is talking to her mother on the phone while cooking food, Charlie (short for Charlotte) Matheson, age five, is watching TV with her brother Danny Matheson, age three. Ben Matheson, Rachel’s husband and father to the kids, comes home frantically and starts to give Rachel instructions. She hangs up the phone and realizes exactly what Ben is talking about. The scene switches over to Miles Matheson in the car driving back to his army base with his best friend Bass (nickname obviously). The two of them are discussing a girl Bass is texting when Miles gets a phone call from his brother Ben. Ben tells Miles that “It’s all going to turn off and never turn back on.” Miles is confused but after twenty seconds into the conversation his phone, Bass’s phone, and the car start to malfunction and turn off. At the Matheson house all the power goes out and Ben steps outside to see every light in eyes-view go out, those electrical wire boxes on poles start to burst and a plane crashes. You hear screaming everywhere. On the highway Miles and Bass step out of the no longer moving car to see everyone else’s cars stopped and their lights go out. That is the first three minutes.

After that it skips ahead 15 years and you hear a voice over talking about the blackout while you see short snipits of what America looks like. The voice over is done by Aaron Pittman. He is a teacher in a small cul-de-sac and he is telling his students what happened after the blackout. People started to starve because we rely on electricity to get food, people fell ill because there were no medications any more, the smart people left the cities while those who didn’t died there. Governments fell, militias took over. As you can see life wasn’t pleasant after the blackout but of the few who survived (few in comparison to the seven billion people alive today) they were able to adapt to this lifestyle and are living decently in the 15 years since. In the first few years, which are shown through flashbacks throughout the series, you see that it wasn’t as nice as it is in the start of the show. Anyway, Aaron struggles to get his point across to his students and the scene switches to Ben. He is having coffee, I assume, and is walking through his small cul-de-sac and it shows everyone in town farming and living pretty happy. He sees Aaron, class must have ended. While Aaron is drinking from his flask he tells Ben that he had a raccoon in his backyard that night and that Ben’s kids went out hunting.

That is where the first five minutes ends but already you have met most of the major characters in the show and if I wanted to go another five minutes you would find out the event that triggers the entire first half of the season, but I wont cause I want you people to watch the show. I’ll now go into a little detail about the main characters, only using the names they go by in the first episode (all except for one of these appears in episode one).

Charlie Matheson- She is a young woman who after the blackout left Chicago with her parents. She grew up in small little farm towns and is very protective over her younger brother. She is very naive and dreams of the world with lights. She always wants to do things the right way but as the show goes on you find that the right way, isn’t always the best way. By the middle of the season she becomes more of a fighter and by the end of the season she is a warrior.
Danny Matheson- Danny is an asthmatic teenager who is the symbol of innocence in the show. Even when his life or freedom is at stake he never wants anyone to get hurt and at some point in episode one he even feels like he was too much of a burden to someone who did very little to help him.
Miles Matheson- He is a torn man with a very troubled past (or at least 15 years) that is slowly revealed through the show. He reluctantly helps Charlie out but he and her butt heads a lot through the first part of the show. Where Charlie sees hope, Miles sees someone he has to kill, more or less. If this was future Lord Of The Rings, Miles would be Aragorn. He does eventually soften up a bit to Charlie and others, but he always tries to mask it.
Ben Matheson- He is really a minor character in the show so you don’t know too much about him except that he loves his family and that he knew what caused the blackout.
Rachel Matheson-  She is a very intelligent woman who has had a hard time facing the 15 years of darkness, for various reasons revealed through the show. She is very independent, stubborn, and always has her own reasons for doing things. She also knows why the power went out.
Nora Clayton- (introduced in episode two) She is an excellent fighter, explosives expert, and just purely awesome. She is my favorite character. She and Miles had a past together and that is slowly revealed through flashbacks. Nora is fighting in something called The Resistance which is a group of people who want to bring the United States back. She always seems to know a person wherever they go. Even though it is never really mentioned, Nora becomes a sort of role model to Charlie.
Maggie Foster- She is a sweet woman who is very knowledgeable in medicine. Before the blackout she was on a business trip in Seattle but when the lights went out she had no way of getting back home to  England. She traveled across the country to the East Coast trying to find a ship that would take her home, but that didn’t work. She met Ben and he took her in and lived with them since. She and Charlie don’t get along too well but she tries her best to set Charlie straight and be as kind as she can to her.
Aaron Pittman- He is your average nerd. Got picked on in grammar school, never got out much, got two (or three, I forget) degrees from MIT, and created Google. When the power went out, so did his. He has no survival skills but somehow managed to  live. He is always questioning things, being a scientist and all. It is from his constant questioning that he learns what caused the blackout (that is in the second half of season one). He is like an uncle to Charlie and Danny. Even though he is always terrified of the situations that happen to our main characters, he always does his best to help his friends, even if that puts him in harms way.
Sebastian Monroe- He is our main antagonist. He started the Monroe Militia which fight for the Monroe Republic (Northeast America). Monroe shows no mercy to anyone if they cross him. He wants what is best for him, never caring how many lives are lost because of it. Monroe does want one thing which is slowly revealed through the show until season one’s mid season finale. Monroe is also a troubled man but as a general to an army, you kinda expect it.
Tom Neville- He is seen as our first antagonist in the show. Tom is a very cunning and intelligent man. In the beginning of the show he obviously is high ranking in the Monroe Militia but he had to struggle and climb to get to where he was. His motto basically is “whatever it takes to survive.” Tom is generally kind to those who earn it, not so much to those he sees as below him. He always puts himself (and eventually his family) first and everyone else last. As one character said in the most recent episode “honey drips from his lips” because he is always able to talk himself out of bad situations and even get people who want to kill him to work for him.
Nate- I forget his last name but that isn’t important. Nate meets Charlie in the first episode and he is very mysterious. You don’t know where he came from or what he is doing but he saves Charlie and Co.’s life from smugglers and he starts to travel with them. By the end of the episode it is revealed that he is part of the militia and has a mission to follow. As the show goes on he runs into Charlie a lot and saves her an multiple occasions because he has a sweet spot for her. He does his best in the show to impress those above him while struggling to be himself and do good.
Grace Beaumont- She is another minor character, but has serious influence over some things. She is one of the few who know why the power went out and in both seasons comes at random points to basically educate the main characters (mainly Aaron) on what is going on in the world.

That is all the people who are important in the first half of season one. The show has had two seasons so far and both of them have mid-season finales so I break it up in four parts in my head.
Part one’s plot- Rescuing one of the characters listed above, and learning how everyone seems to know each other
Part two’s plot- Finding out why/how the power went out, and fighting against  Monroe
Part Three’s plot- Redemption of character for each person after the events that happened last season, science, and the rise of a new enemy
Part Four’s plot- (The part we are on now) Delving deeper into the science-fiction part of the show, and family
Those are probably poor ways to explain the show but I don’t want to reveal too much.

One thing this show is great for is giving the characters different layers. No villain is truly evil, they all have something that drove them over the edge. No good guy is perfect, everyone has skeletons in their closets. Each character has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Also, anything can happen. There is no guarantee that the main characters will live or that each mission will be executed flawlessly.

Revolution is an awesome science fiction show that I hope continues to air for many seasons. [Edit:] It was cancelled on May 9th [:End Edit]. So much takes place in the show and you’ll want to keep coming back for more. You can find old episodes online, either at the NBC website or other places, as well as on demand. Revolution comes back February 26th at 8pm on NBC. Watch it and I hope we can have long conversations about it.

Your friend,
The Revolution expert


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