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No Hope For SciFi

The next sentence is complete fact and totally not just my opinion. Science Fiction is by far the best genre there is for television, movies, and books. Ok, now that we got the obvious out of the way let’s get into this. Everyone loves themselves a little scifi, despite what my English teacher says. Sadly, science fiction shows always have to fight and climb their way to get a large audience. Despite how amazing these shows are, the ratings always seem to be terrible. And sadly television prefers quantity over quality. Due to this, many shows that I and many other dedicated fans love get cancelled.

This upsets me very much because so many shows like Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Tiaras get renewed season after season and they have no point. Then you have shows that run for long periods of time and after a certain amount of seasons they decide to wrap things up on their own before they overstay their welcome (although some shows that run on forever just need to end), like 24 and House. But with many scifi shows they never get that chance. The show might have one or two seasons and you know they are going to do so much more with it and it will all make sense and be amazing, but because only 5 million people watch it they don’t get  a chance to get to where they want to be. Many shows I enjoy watching are on the chopping block due to low viewer ratings. And a few shows I enjoyed very much either were cancelled or have no hope for another season. I will now list some of these shows. I am going in no particular order.

Almost Human– This is a show on Fox right now what takes place in the year 2048. It is about a police force where it is required for every human cop to have a robot cop as a partner. Our main character, John Kennax, isn’t a fan of the synthetic cops but he deals with his partner Dorian. The show is mainly about the two solving cases and their growing friendship but there is just so much that the show can do. Technology has advanced like crazy and we have yet to see everything that there is. There is also so much that the show teases us with, different things that deserve back stories or more development but you can tell the writers are trying not to trap themselves in a corner with what they are going to do in the future of the show. Instead they just give us little tastes. Sadly, I think these little teases are all that we are going to get because there are rumors that this show may not get a season two. This show has so much potential and hopefully Fox or some other network can see that and look past the fact that the lowest viewed episode had 7.92 viewers (combination of live and DVR viewings).

Intelligence– This was supposedly made to compete against Almost Human.  They both air on Mondays but this show is on a little later at night and is on CBS. This show follows Gabriel Vaughn who works for U.S. Cyber Command. He has a chip implanted in his head that lets him access the information grid. He and his assigned special agent protector, Riley Neal, are placed on tip top secret missions and they have to save the day. This show is also on the development of the friendship between our two main characters as well as learning the secrets of the government. Sadly this show too is on the chopping block after a serious plunge in views from episode one to episode two and a steady decline that all shows seem to face, especially my beloved scifi.

Revolution– I am sure all three of my followers have read my post on Revolution, and if you have not you can click on the link I provided to learn what this show is about. This epic show’s fate is sadly up in the air as of now as to whether it will get a season three or not. I demand that everyone else should demand to NBC to continue this awesome show!!

Defiance– This is a show that takes place on Earth in the future. It wouldn’t seem like we are still on this planet because many different species of aliens are living along with the humans. There was a war in the past between humans and “Votans” alike but they decided to end the war and live peacefully together. There is many new strange technologies, and most of the technology we have now doesn’t work anymore. This show mainly follows a man named Josh Nolan and his adopted alien daughter who travel to what was formally St. Louis but is now called Defiance. It is an awesome show on SyFy.

Siberia- This show had me until the very end of the first episode believing that it was a real reality show. Out of all these shows it seems the least science fictiony but none the less it fits here. 16 strangers are brought to Siberia and there are no rules whatsoever.  Whoever makes it to the end of winter will split the $1,000,000 grand prize. It was a good show to watch during the summer on NBC but it had very low views, the highest being 3.07million so I am sure, despite the cliff hanger ending, there will not be a season two.

FlashFoward– This show has already been cancelled, despite the awesome one and only season and cliff hanger ending. It was about these FBI agents trying to figure out what caused everyone in the world to blackout and for 137 seconds have a dream of an event that was going to take place in six months time. It was loosely based off a book which I will one day read to find out what was supposed to happen. This ABC show had pretty good views in the beginning of the show, but then they went on a rather long hiatus during the end of the year holidays and this affected ratings to be around 5 million an episode. I still would like to know how the show would have continued if they had a chance but I know that isn’t going to happen.

V– I am talking about the 2009 TV series with this one because this was also based off a book and it and it had a TV show before I was born. This show had two seasons on ABC before it was cancelled. It was about an alien race coming to America in big ships, promising only peace and prosperity with the humans. The main character of the show, who is played by the same person who is Rachel Matheson in Revolution, is an FBI agent who does not trust the aliens suspects they are up to no good, and it is slowly revealed that she and her merry group of rebels are right but they cannot prove it to the rest of the human race. The cliff hanger ending to this show will never be solved, but at least it was a little less mysterious than other shows and you have a little bit better chance of imagining what would have happened if the show continued.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles– If you want to push my buttons in anyway, just remind me that this show is cancelled. Until Revolution came out this was my all-time favorite tv show and this is what got me into the Terminator franchise. I love Terminator and this show did not deserve to end. This show followed a teenage John Connor a few years after Terminator 2: Judgement Day took place. He and his mom, Sarah Connor, believe that they were able to avoid the future war between man and machine until a terminator, Cameron, shows up to protect John from a new terminator programmed to terminate him. This show was amazing but sadly the average amount of views were cut in half from season one to season two and that caused Fox to terminate the best show of the 2000s. Many fans tried fighting for a season three and I am still patiently waiting for that to happen but it has been too many years. The creator has vowed to never reveal what he was planning to do if the show continued and that makes him so so evil. A new Terminator trilogy and TV show is going to take place and I am not so sure how I feel with is being rebooted. I just want TSCC to return!!!

Helix- Another show from Syfy, this one follows a group of CDC scientists at a place called Arctic Biosystems, a place for scientific discovery. They were called upon to deal with a mysterious disease that showed up in a couple of the scientists. The cause of the disease is unclear and not all of the infected are able to be contained which results in an outbreak. Also, the man in charge of Arctic Biosystems isn’t completely honest with his guests which eventually leads to everyone distrusting everyone else.

As you have seen these are all the scifi shows I watch/watched that I could think of off the top of my head. All of them deserve to continue but sadly they all aren’t going to get that chance. A new show is coming out on  NBC in March called Believe and that looks cool too, you bet I will be watching that. The same guy who is executive producer of Revolution and Almost  Human is executive producer of Believe. You go J.J. Abrams! Anyway, I truly love scifi and I want to expand my scifi knowledge (believe it or not but I never saw Star Wars or Star Trek, along with many other popular scifi movies/tv shows) and I just wish that these television networks would give science fiction a chance. Scifi fans may be few, but boy are they loyal.

Your Friend,
The bitter scifi fan


My Love Affair With Science

One thing that has been on going in my life is my love/hate relationship with science. This amazing mystical of the universe has been in my life for as long as I have lived, for both good and bad. I know many people who hate science and others who love it. Science intrigues me, but it has been somewhat of a struggle for me to give it the dignity it deserves. Let’s explore…

My journey begins in elementary school. I don’t remember when or why but around third or fourth grade I developed a huge fascination in astronomy. Every week when my teacher took my class to the library I would head straight to the science section and take out books on the planets or stars or meteors and everything else that is beyond my reach here on Earth. I even wanted to be an astronaut. When I had money to go to the school store I bought red alien finger puppets. Each one had a name and a brother, I bought them two at a time, and I carried them in my school bag every day.  I think I still have most of them. In fifth grade when we had a science fair we had to pick out of a hat what our topic would be. I got simple machines. To me that was extremely boring so my mom was able to convince my teacher to let me do constellations. I thought I did a good job with my board and presentation but the three winners from my class, and every other class, were boys. Don’t know why they didn’t pick one girl but whatever, glad I wasn’t (and still not) a feminist when that happened.

When I entered middle school things started to change. In sixth grade I had a terrible science teacher. He wasn’t that nice didn’t help me to understand science. Also, if I heard correctly, he was a perv. He apparently stared at the breasts of the girls in the front of the room and I even heard he followed a girl into the bathroom once. Luckily for me puberty hit a little later. Anyway, if I don’t have an interest in what is going on in class I don’t do my work to my full potential and that happened in this class, and in math too that year which I am sure didn’t help, but that is a different story. I passed both classes by the skin of my teeth and my interest in science died. I didn’t want to be an astronaut or do anything in the field of science. Seventh grade I had better teachers but still my interest in science was nowhere to be found. In eighth grade I went through my angsty phase that most teens/tweens go through and I hated basically everything, science included. As the year went on my seat moved from the middle of the room to the back. The three boys at my table all sucked terribly in science and I was actually doing good in the class again. Whenever we had a test I gave them enough answers to pass and my teacher never caught on. This helped me to start to like science at least a little again.

In high school science started to change for me. Freshman year I had biology and I gotta say, if anyone struggled with Regents Living Environment I feel really bad for you because nothing was easier than that. I did extremely well in that class and started to really like science again. Sophomore year I was able to skip over Earth science which I didn’t really mind, but I think at some point they learned about astronomy and I was a little sad not to have that chance because I still had a small interest in that. I went into chemistry. In class I had some good chapters where I really understood what was going on and other where I had no clue at all. In lab I did most of the work, never minding at all, for me and my partner because she was afraid of using the Bunsen burner and because I just had fun doing the stuff. I wasn’t the best at measurements, I just tried getting close to the amount of whatever I needed.  I didn’t do as well in this class as I did in biology but I passed and was happy. Junior year I had physics. Now this class it is vital you pay attention and don’t goof around. The complete opposite of what my classmates did and boy was that distracting. I had the most amazing physics teacher but because she’s easy going and fun everyone took advantage of her class and made me start to hate the people in my grade. We barely finished the course in time for the regents and never had a chance to review (I had the same teacher for math that year and I don’t think we even got close to the end of the curriculum). All I wanted to learn from that class was string theory, that never happened. At the end of the year the soon-to-be seniors were able to choose a couple of the classes they wanted to take and I picked Human Biology (a college course) and forensic science. Obviously science grew on me again. Sadly, forensic science was omitted in my senior year so instead they put me in psychology which I don’t particularly like but at least I have a nice teacher. Human bio is a more indepth class from freshman year bio and it is interesting. I am not best in the class like I was freshman year but I am doing pretty good in it.

Next year I enter college and I want to major in Forensic science and minor in music. As you can see my hatred for science that I developed in sixth grade has died away. Forensic science is not going to be easy, I am going to have to take biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, quantitative analysis, and much more. These courses are going to be more in depth than any of my high school courses and yet I am excited for it. I want to better my knowledge in the field of science. I want to understand the world around me, big and small. From quantum physics to nanotechnology, it is all amazing stuff that I feel should be seen as more of an importance in young students. I was lucky to get back into the groove with science, but not without missed opportunities. In freshman year I was offered to partake in science research in my school but I decided against it. I could have had so many college credits (which going into a field of science I probably couldn’t use) and I could have had a chance to increase my knowledge and understanding of science. Also, had I not giving up with wanting to be an astronaut or do something in science when I was young I could have had the chance to participate in more science related activities outside of school. That would have been a fun and educating experience. But we can’t change the past and at least now I have a good relationship with science again.

Your friend,
The mad scientist

The Olympics

One of the greatest events in the world, to me, is the Olympics. Watching the best of the best perform something they live, breath, and bleed with such ease is amazing. From the successes to the fails I am always in awe of these athletes. Although I personally like the summer games more, every two years I am excited to catch at least a glimpse of the events.

I really don’t know where my love for the Olympics came about. I remember years ago when it was in Beijing was the first time I actually paid attention to the Olympics. I was at my cousin’s house for the opening ceremony and I only saw a bit of it on TV before I was dragged out of the room. I do remember seeing the little girl in her red dress “singing” her song (later during the games it was reveled that she lip-synced and the little girl who actually sung the song wasn’t pretty enough or whatever to sing in front of the world). Throughout the 2008 games I remember watching a lot. One thing I specifically remember watching was Michael Phelps win his eighth gold medal at that games; I was so tense and even hugged a pillow (again, pronounced pallow for me) with nerves, wondering whether he would make it. When he did I jumped and cheered for joy. I also remember watching some reporter lady go around Beijing and trying the local cuisine. Scorpions on a stick, candy roaches, duck feet/bill and much more that reminded me why the only [American] Chinese food I eat is the fortune cookies. The only events that were really shown on TV were gymnastics and diving, probably because China is so far away from New York that they could only show highlights, and also because those events were dominated by the Chinese. I do remember watching Usian “Lightening” Bolt run the 100m dash and SLOW DOWN at the end but still win. My parents looked at each other thinking “What was he doing?!?!” when he slowed down, but it didn’t matter to him.

In 2010 there was the Vancouver Olympics. I completely missed the opening ceremony. What I remember with this one seeing Apollo Ono in interviews and during a couple of his races. I remember at the end of a snowboarding event the camera was on the Finnish team and the reporter said something along the lines of “The Finnish team, they all speak Finnish!!!” as if it was a surprise that they spoke the main language of their country. I remember watching the different skiing events (there are so many and to be honest I don’t know the different names of each). In one of the women’s events it was snowing pretty bad and you couldn’t see too far in front of you but they still had to keep sending skiers down the hill in, let’s say, 30 second time intervals. One of the girls, an American I believe, fell and the girl behind her wasn’t aware of it so she kept going. When she got to the sight of the fall a couple of officials made her stop and wait for them to clear the track of her fallen teammate. The second American girl was allowed to go back to the beginning but she didn’t have as good of a run the second time she went down the hill.

In 2012 on New Year’s Day I remembered at dinnertime that it was an Olympic year. I was so excited that when I finished I rushed to the internet to find out what day it started and counted down the 208 days until July 26th when it began. When it finally came to the day I found out that we were going to the same cousins house from 2008 and I would miss the opening ceremony. Upset, I recorded the show on the DVR and then as we were getting ready to leave my house the power went out. When we got to my cousins house I took over the TV and made everyone watch the ceremony and I loved it. The parade of nations, the whole Shire thing, the Queen supposedly jumping out of the plane with James Bond, it was great! When I got home it turns out because of the power turning off the recording started in the middle of the Parade of Nations. For the next two or so weeks I tried to absorb as much Olympic action as I could. Men’s and women’s indoor and beach volleyball, handball, kayaking, rowing, archery (although I personally didn’t see enough of that), ping-pong, track and field (again, didn’t see enough), basically everything I could. All I wanted to avoid was diving because I saw way too much of that in 2008. I remember when my parents and I watched ping-pong there was an Asian woman on the American team who said “Cho” (it sounded like that at least) which I believe the reporter said means “good shot” after every time she got a point. The Brazilian girl she was playing against started to do something similar after a while. Now my dad always teases my dog by saying Cho! It makes her bark and go crazy. There was so much that I watched in this Olympics that I can’t pick out the top stuff to write about. I just wish that I could have seen more in some of the sports, and at least a little bit in other sports I missed. NBC had a terrible time with the five hour delay between England and the East Coast and they didn’t show everything.

Now it is Olympic time again. I made sure two nights ago to watch the opening ceremony from Sochi and it was also amazing, except for the little glitches that I am sure you have heard about by now even if you didn’t watch it. Being that it is a winter Olympics and I personally don’t feel like there is enough of various sports, I wasn’t too excited this year to watch it but I have gotten glimpses of things. Before typing this I was watching the men’s ski jump on the “normal” hill. That hill is taller than Big Ben, the dudes are flying for over the length of a football field, and there was only one wipeout. My dad and I agreed that those guys are insane. How they got into the sport, I don’t know. And this year there is now women’s ski jumping. Good luck ladies, I don’t know why you want to do that but have fun. I also have seen some figure skating and a little snowboarding. I watched some of the men’s biathlon and I don’t understand how anyone can ski uphill, for that long of a distance and then shot at targets. I do want to see the speed skating, not too interested in the rest. I am getting a kick out of all the Sochi Problems that are on Twitter and the rest of the internet. A bobsledder from America was trapped in the bathroom, some reporter couldn’t get into his hotel room, everything is still being constructed, the water is brown, cameras in the showers. It’s crazy over there right now! Also, my parents and I watched the movie Cool Runners based off of the Jamaican bobsled team, funny movie.

Thankfully in two years the summer Olympics will be in Brazil and the timezone they are in is only one hour ahead of EST so hopefully NBC screws up less. Maybe I will be able to see some of the events I really want to see and possibly even live! The next two after that are taking place in Asian countries so I wont be as lucky then.

As an athlete myself it would be great to be able to partake in the Olympics but I know I will never be up to their standards.  I do do many different sports, I just consider them as hobbies, that are in the Olympics. I am not very good at any of them but I have fun while doing them (most of the time) and that’s what matters. A list of them is: Cross country running, golf, archery, ping-pong, cycling (my worst out of all of these), and ice-skating (second worse, can be read about here). I used to also play volleyball (was terrible), badminton (not much better), softball (always played in the dirt but I did have a good throwing arm, if only I had good aim), and even gymnastics. It would be awesome to do any of those spots while representing my country in the biggest sporting event there is but that’s not gonna happen. No, instead I’ll sit on my butt and snack on some chips like most Americans while I watch the elite make their sports seem easy.

Your friend,


Due to the fact that I don’t feel like studying for my midterms which are tomorrow and also since Revolution isn’t having another episode until after the Olympics I felt that I should share with you my favorite TV show on air. Note, I will do my best to not have any serious, show ruining spoilers but no promises.

Two years ago while I was complaining about NBC screwing up with when they aired the events of the summer Olympics I kept seeing commercials for a new show called Revolution. It looked pretty good and I planned to watch it. I missed the first episode on TV so I found it on NBC’s website and I have been hooked ever since. I will now spoil the first five minutes of the show (Yes I am aware of what I wrote in the first paragraph).

Revolution takes place in America 15 years after a worldwide blackout turned off everything with electricity. TV, cars, batteries to flashlights, anything and everything. The show begins with the Matheson family at home, Rachel Matheson is talking to her mother on the phone while cooking food, Charlie (short for Charlotte) Matheson, age five, is watching TV with her brother Danny Matheson, age three. Ben Matheson, Rachel’s husband and father to the kids, comes home frantically and starts to give Rachel instructions. She hangs up the phone and realizes exactly what Ben is talking about. The scene switches over to Miles Matheson in the car driving back to his army base with his best friend Bass (nickname obviously). The two of them are discussing a girl Bass is texting when Miles gets a phone call from his brother Ben. Ben tells Miles that “It’s all going to turn off and never turn back on.” Miles is confused but after twenty seconds into the conversation his phone, Bass’s phone, and the car start to malfunction and turn off. At the Matheson house all the power goes out and Ben steps outside to see every light in eyes-view go out, those electrical wire boxes on poles start to burst and a plane crashes. You hear screaming everywhere. On the highway Miles and Bass step out of the no longer moving car to see everyone else’s cars stopped and their lights go out. That is the first three minutes.

After that it skips ahead 15 years and you hear a voice over talking about the blackout while you see short snipits of what America looks like. The voice over is done by Aaron Pittman. He is a teacher in a small cul-de-sac and he is telling his students what happened after the blackout. People started to starve because we rely on electricity to get food, people fell ill because there were no medications any more, the smart people left the cities while those who didn’t died there. Governments fell, militias took over. As you can see life wasn’t pleasant after the blackout but of the few who survived (few in comparison to the seven billion people alive today) they were able to adapt to this lifestyle and are living decently in the 15 years since. In the first few years, which are shown through flashbacks throughout the series, you see that it wasn’t as nice as it is in the start of the show. Anyway, Aaron struggles to get his point across to his students and the scene switches to Ben. He is having coffee, I assume, and is walking through his small cul-de-sac and it shows everyone in town farming and living pretty happy. He sees Aaron, class must have ended. While Aaron is drinking from his flask he tells Ben that he had a raccoon in his backyard that night and that Ben’s kids went out hunting.

That is where the first five minutes ends but already you have met most of the major characters in the show and if I wanted to go another five minutes you would find out the event that triggers the entire first half of the season, but I wont cause I want you people to watch the show. I’ll now go into a little detail about the main characters, only using the names they go by in the first episode (all except for one of these appears in episode one).

Charlie Matheson- She is a young woman who after the blackout left Chicago with her parents. She grew up in small little farm towns and is very protective over her younger brother. She is very naive and dreams of the world with lights. She always wants to do things the right way but as the show goes on you find that the right way, isn’t always the best way. By the middle of the season she becomes more of a fighter and by the end of the season she is a warrior.
Danny Matheson- Danny is an asthmatic teenager who is the symbol of innocence in the show. Even when his life or freedom is at stake he never wants anyone to get hurt and at some point in episode one he even feels like he was too much of a burden to someone who did very little to help him.
Miles Matheson- He is a torn man with a very troubled past (or at least 15 years) that is slowly revealed through the show. He reluctantly helps Charlie out but he and her butt heads a lot through the first part of the show. Where Charlie sees hope, Miles sees someone he has to kill, more or less. If this was future Lord Of The Rings, Miles would be Aragorn. He does eventually soften up a bit to Charlie and others, but he always tries to mask it.
Ben Matheson- He is really a minor character in the show so you don’t know too much about him except that he loves his family and that he knew what caused the blackout.
Rachel Matheson-  She is a very intelligent woman who has had a hard time facing the 15 years of darkness, for various reasons revealed through the show. She is very independent, stubborn, and always has her own reasons for doing things. She also knows why the power went out.
Nora Clayton- (introduced in episode two) She is an excellent fighter, explosives expert, and just purely awesome. She is my favorite character. She and Miles had a past together and that is slowly revealed through flashbacks. Nora is fighting in something called The Resistance which is a group of people who want to bring the United States back. She always seems to know a person wherever they go. Even though it is never really mentioned, Nora becomes a sort of role model to Charlie.
Maggie Foster- She is a sweet woman who is very knowledgeable in medicine. Before the blackout she was on a business trip in Seattle but when the lights went out she had no way of getting back home to  England. She traveled across the country to the East Coast trying to find a ship that would take her home, but that didn’t work. She met Ben and he took her in and lived with them since. She and Charlie don’t get along too well but she tries her best to set Charlie straight and be as kind as she can to her.
Aaron Pittman- He is your average nerd. Got picked on in grammar school, never got out much, got two (or three, I forget) degrees from MIT, and created Google. When the power went out, so did his. He has no survival skills but somehow managed to  live. He is always questioning things, being a scientist and all. It is from his constant questioning that he learns what caused the blackout (that is in the second half of season one). He is like an uncle to Charlie and Danny. Even though he is always terrified of the situations that happen to our main characters, he always does his best to help his friends, even if that puts him in harms way.
Sebastian Monroe- He is our main antagonist. He started the Monroe Militia which fight for the Monroe Republic (Northeast America). Monroe shows no mercy to anyone if they cross him. He wants what is best for him, never caring how many lives are lost because of it. Monroe does want one thing which is slowly revealed through the show until season one’s mid season finale. Monroe is also a troubled man but as a general to an army, you kinda expect it.
Tom Neville- He is seen as our first antagonist in the show. Tom is a very cunning and intelligent man. In the beginning of the show he obviously is high ranking in the Monroe Militia but he had to struggle and climb to get to where he was. His motto basically is “whatever it takes to survive.” Tom is generally kind to those who earn it, not so much to those he sees as below him. He always puts himself (and eventually his family) first and everyone else last. As one character said in the most recent episode “honey drips from his lips” because he is always able to talk himself out of bad situations and even get people who want to kill him to work for him.
Nate- I forget his last name but that isn’t important. Nate meets Charlie in the first episode and he is very mysterious. You don’t know where he came from or what he is doing but he saves Charlie and Co.’s life from smugglers and he starts to travel with them. By the end of the episode it is revealed that he is part of the militia and has a mission to follow. As the show goes on he runs into Charlie a lot and saves her an multiple occasions because he has a sweet spot for her. He does his best in the show to impress those above him while struggling to be himself and do good.
Grace Beaumont- She is another minor character, but has serious influence over some things. She is one of the few who know why the power went out and in both seasons comes at random points to basically educate the main characters (mainly Aaron) on what is going on in the world.

That is all the people who are important in the first half of season one. The show has had two seasons so far and both of them have mid-season finales so I break it up in four parts in my head.
Part one’s plot- Rescuing one of the characters listed above, and learning how everyone seems to know each other
Part two’s plot- Finding out why/how the power went out, and fighting against  Monroe
Part Three’s plot- Redemption of character for each person after the events that happened last season, science, and the rise of a new enemy
Part Four’s plot- (The part we are on now) Delving deeper into the science-fiction part of the show, and family
Those are probably poor ways to explain the show but I don’t want to reveal too much.

One thing this show is great for is giving the characters different layers. No villain is truly evil, they all have something that drove them over the edge. No good guy is perfect, everyone has skeletons in their closets. Each character has his or her strengths and weaknesses. Also, anything can happen. There is no guarantee that the main characters will live or that each mission will be executed flawlessly.

Revolution is an awesome science fiction show that I hope continues to air for many seasons. [Edit:] It was cancelled on May 9th [:End Edit]. So much takes place in the show and you’ll want to keep coming back for more. You can find old episodes online, either at the NBC website or other places, as well as on demand. Revolution comes back February 26th at 8pm on NBC. Watch it and I hope we can have long conversations about it.

Your friend,
The Revolution expert

The Creation Of Ice-Skating

On the first day, the cruel ice gods made a frozen, oval shaped area. They were unsure of what to use it for and argued all through the night about what its purpose will be.

On the second day the made shoes with thin blades on the bottom. Their friends, the physics gods, jokenly told them to make a sport out of these two items.

On the third day, after thinking for a long time, the cruel ice gods took the physics gods suggestion seriously and made ice-skating. The physics gods shook their heads and looked the other way, knowing no good would come from this.

On the fourth day the cruel ice gods made exceptional skaters. Those who zoom by quickly, weave in and out of people, skate backwards, and do all sorts of crazy things. They were pleased with these creations.

On the fifth day they decided to make bad skaters just to spite them. Those who cling on the wall, stop in the middle of the path, and go in the wrong direction.

On the sixth day the ice gods realized that the bad skaters should have a chance to learn how to skate and they made a lesson area. This area takes up the entire center part of the rink, leaving little space for those who know (or pretend to know) what they’re doing to skate.

On the seventh day the ice gods made skating open to children. These children follow no rules and go all over the place. These children take up most of the rink, including the lesson area for those who are better at the age of seven then you’ll ever be.

On the eighth day the ice gods felt there wasn’t enough challenge with what they made so the created the human chains. These chains are made of any amount of people (two or more) holding hands/arms. They move slowly and when one falls, they all do.

On the ninth day they decided to edit their previous creations, making ridges on some of the skates blades, some ice softer than the rest of the ice, and they even made combinations of bad skaters and children or children and human chains.

On the tenth day they made winter time, especially as it nears the Olympics, the most popular time for people to go ice-skating.

On the eleventh day the let my father and I join their creations on the ice. A clutz and a nerve, what could possibly go wrong? Well let’s see… I almost crashed into I don’t know how many children, good skaters and bad skaters alike almost cut me off over and over again, my skate’s ridges got caught a few times on the ice, the soft areas of ice almost made me fall, human chains blocked my way, I fell twice (once almost taking a stranger down with me), and it reminded me that inside I truly am a misanthrope.

And that is how ice-skating was born!

Your friend,
The novice ice-skater

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