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Prom And How Sick Of It I Am

As a senior in high school there are three things that are main topics of conversation. College, graduation, and prom. The first two I cannot wait to happen. Wrapping up the easiest part of my life and becoming part of the real world may stink, but I want to jump right in. Before that happens though, there is prom. An event I will not be attending.

Ever since I heard of it, I never wanted to go to prom. A night full of dancing, extravagant dresses, expensive limos, and dealing with the same people I, less than a week before, finally finished classes with is not my idea of a fun night. I attend a small all girls school and I have a graduating class of 57. 38 of those girls (not counting any who might change their mind last minute) are going to prom. I certainly hope they have a good time, but I do not want to be part of it. My reasons?

First: It is expensive! Before fund-raising money lowers the prices, the tickets cost $160 dollars each at my school. My school holds bake sales, raffles, and coin collections to try to lower the price of tickets but they are still expensive. Next you buy a dress, and god-forbid it isn’t a specific prom dress. That costs anywhere from $100-$400 on average according to a website I have open right now. Then you have to get your hair, make-up, and nails done because that’s just so important. Luckily since I live in NYC there are three nail and hair salons on every block and you can probably get that “cheap” for less than $100 all together (I assume, I only get haircuts, none of that other stuff). Now I almost forgot, with the dress you need shoes! Oh how could I ever forget the shoes? I don’t know how much those cost, I have had the same pairs of sneakers for years and I don’t own dress shoes, so I will say probably between $80-$100. Next is the limo, because nobody will be caught dead coming in their parent’s ’99 Toyota Camry (My dad’s car). The website says they cost between $200-$500 but I heard some girls in my class say something about the limo costing more around $1000. Obviously you would split this between everyone, but that is still expensive. Some girls in my class want a party bus, don’t know or care how much those cost. They just sound expensive. Then there is the photographer because your $200 smart phone that you use to take selfies in the bathroom everyday isn’t sufficient enough. According to the website, it’s between $30-$125. Now the website has two things I never heard of before, flowers for the male date (if you have one) and a pre-prom dinner. Whatever. The flowers are probably $12 and dinner is probably $30 per person. And I almost forgot, you can’t have prom without after prom! Duh, right? Depending on what you do that can be either really cheap (a picnic) or really expensive (renting out a hotel room). Doing the math (I am going to use the maximum price for everything to prove my point, and for the limo let’s say there are 8 people evenly splitting the price) it is approximately $1100 for a single person and $1270 for a couple where the girl pays for the guy’s tickets. For guys, I assume they can get a suit and dress shoes for cheap and don’t need the hair/make-up/nails (unless they’re into that, otherwise they could just get a $10 shave at the barber) so they spend a little less, but they still have all the other expenses.

Second: It’s over hyped. For months you’re planning so much for a three to five hour dance. I have the same feeling towards sweet-sixteens. If it doesn’t go as perfect as you planned then that is so much time and money wasted. To me, the only event you should waste this much time thinking about is your wedding, and personally I think my parents had the right idea and got eloped in Vegas, so much less stress. Ever since 2014 rolled in the only thing people seem to be talking about is prom prom prom. In the halls, at lunch, during class, everywhere. We have four months until the “big day” and people are planning things to the hour as if it’s days away. I understand if you want to get all the expenses out of the way but shouldn’t college and scholarships be more important? Or can the conversations at least not prevent me from learning how to solve calculus problems? Hell, even the nerds smarter people spend more time discussing prom than college.

Third: It doesn’t fit with my personality. I like death metal, pants, and staying on the computer for long periods of time. Prom is about dance music (slow or “normal”), fancy dresses, and of course, dancing. I am sure for the handful of girls in my grade who actually do have a boyfriend to dance with the DJ will play some slower music which either be instrumental (preferable in my opinion) or just a slowed down modern song. But for the most part the songs that will be played is everything on z100.  I cannot stand listening to the dance music everyone else seems to love. If I have to put up with it for short periods of time, fine, I’ll live. But to subject myself to hours on end of music I don’t like? Why would I do that? Next is my problem with dresses. Ever since I was little it was always a fight to get me to dress nicely. I am most comfortable in a T-shirt and pair of jeans. I believe for graduation I have to wear a dress under the gown so there is no way that I would wear two dresses in an eleven day period. Lastly is the dancing. Although I do have a very original dance style that has earned many nicknames (the original Harlem Shake, a headless chicken running around, a floppy penguin from the 80s, and [my personal favorite] like a muppet) I do not really enjoy dancing. Yes, in school with my friends I will out of nowhere start “dancing,” but for hours on end it is not an activity I enjoy.

I am sure if I wanted to make this post longer I could think of more reasons to why I dislike prom, but I think you get the idea. Instead of going to prom I will hopefully be going on a trip to Maine with my friends for a week that will cost less, last longer, and just in general be more fun. [Edit:] My friends and I ended up going to Hershey Park instead. We still had a lot of fun. [:End edit]. If any of my friends who are going to prom read this, I do hope that through all your trouble you have a fun time. Otherwise, I couldn’t care less and I really hope people shut up about it (highly doubtful considering some girls have been planning for this since junior year) and we can graduate on good terms.

Your friend,
The prom party pooper


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