Contradiction is my style

How Do I Blog

Hello everyone! This post is more of a way for me to try to figure out more about this site than it is to entertain you, but I shall do my best with both. You see, I have had ideas about making a blog before. I was always just too lazy to do so. Recently, a friend of mine and her boyfriend both made blogs and I finally decided to join them and half of the internet. Ok good, I got the links down now. Let’s see what this “Add Poll” button will do. 

OOOOO that was fun, wasn’t it? Ok, I got links and polls down and so far as I have been typing this I have been using the preview button. You see, I am technologically stupid (that’s a scientific term according to me) so what I do is click around until something happens and hope I remember what I did. Eventually I will have the hang of things on this website but for now you and I both will have to suffer with my feeble attempts at humor as I learn the nooks and crannies to wordpress. Hmm, let’s see what else I can do… Bold Italic Strikethrough, oh my it looks red as I type this! Ok, got that down. It also looks like I can make bullet points, number lists, put things in quotes, and more exciting features that I will use in future posts. I just found out where to make new categories and  organize posts, I am improving even more! What happens when I click “Add Media” ?? Ok I clicked on it and found out I can post tweets, youtube videos, and urls. I just don’t have anything fun to add from those places here at the moment so that will be for another post. I also found out that the strikethrough text above is not in red on the preview, how disappointing. Just wondering, I clicked a button saying “This post is super-awesome” cause let’s face it, have you read a more awesome post before? But I do not know what that does to my posts. If you can inform me in the comments that will help. Well this testing post is getting a little long so I should end it soon. I will be fussing around with this website for the next few days until I know exactly how to do stuff, and then whenever I get bored you may see changes. I will do my best to post often, but forgive me if I don’t. For now, this is all.

Your friend,
New and confused


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